Chick-fil-A May Be Banned From School District Fundraising Efforts

chickfila kidsIn the Paulding County School District in Georgia, a petition is being circulated in an effort to eliminate Chick-fil-A fundraisers within the school district.

The petition was posted by Reagan Stewart of Douglasville, GA on the site — a site often used by liberals to promote their pet causes. Rather than drawing more visits to the petition’s page, we are including the full text of the petition for you here:

I wanted to bring the attention a concern that have arisen that I find deeply concerning. I ‘m sure you are aware of the controversial stories in the media lately about Chick-Fil-A. It deeply saddens me to see that the school my daughter attends is still selling their product each and every Thursday morning. I’m well aware of the views that the president of Chick-Fil-A Dan Cathy has towards the LGBT community. I have no issue with that. This is a free country and his opinions are free for him to express. My issue is that his company is actively donating millions of dollars to certified hate groups like (The Family Research Council (FRC) ) that are actively seeking to promote discrimination towards and lobbying for legislation against the LGBT community. Every Thursday that I drop my child off at school we have to see that the school is supporting these organizations. Although the school is not actually donating money to known hate groups. The school is helping to do just that. As you are aware there are many citizens in this county that identify as part of the LGBT community and some are students and faculty in this school system and some are friends or family members. I find it very insensitive that Paulding county refuses to acknowledge this issue and continues to use Chick-Fil-A for its fund raising. That’s why I feel I must bring this to your attention.

I’m asking for the immediate removal of all connections to this company until the company can remove the donations to these know certified hate groups. I have no issue with the opinion’s of these people I just have very strong feeling of our school system indirectly financially supporting them. We feel it sends the wrong message to the youth of this county especially the LGBT youth. I’m sure that the community has other companies that would be willing to support our children’s fundraising needs without alienating some of the student body, faculty and parents. It would go a long way to supporting the rights of the student, staff and children that don’t believe in this injustice.

The Family Research Council (FRC) is a Christian organization that promotes its beliefs. That is not hate. What is hateful, frankly, is the left’s complete and absolute intolerance for any beliefs by Christians or conservatives that do not align with progressivism. Whether you support Dan Cathy’s believes or think otherwise, he has the right to believe what he wants, and send his money to any charity he chooses. And, the FRC has the right to spread its Christian message that gay marriage is wrong under the faith.

Given that Michelle Obama wants healthier school lunches, the school system may be hard-pressed to find chicken elsewhere of the same quality for a similar price.

Candi Goldman, a conservative who resides in the Paulding County School District, explains her position on her blog:

I know that my community has a majority when it comes to conservative values and it is that majority I am now calling upon to raise up and have their voices heard! I, for one, will not allow this one person to dictate to my community what will and will not be allowed in regards to fundraising in the schools of my community.

At the time that we posted this story, there are 197 signatures on Stewart’s petition with 1,303 needed to complete the required signatures. While the exact posting date is not visible, the petition appears to have been online for a few weeks.

Goldman has posted a counter-petition where she has gathered 54 signatures since this morning.

The signatures which will likely carry the most weight are those from residents of the Paulding County School District.


  1. Literacy is not a strong suit of the left. To which I say, “Thank you! Thank you, NEA! Thank you MSM! Thank you for another four years of progressive idiocy and stupidity being foisted on the American people.”

  2. Would strongly suggest conservative parents get busy with their own petition to include CF.

  3. I am conservative but I have to say that:
    Chick Fil A donates money to the Family Research Council. The family Reasearch Council, among all the positive things it may do, has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They may have a point as I think and believe that Christian or not, Chick Fil A should NOT use their corporate profits to fund groups or causes that work to defame, criminalize, and execute people. I may not agree with how people live their lives, but I do not need to defame, criminalize or execute people for believing differently than I do. I also will not support companies the support such actions. The research is there on Google if you are unfamiliar with the Family Research Council, their thoughts and policies, as well as horrible statements made by Chick Fil A and FRC.

    • You’re no conservative.

      By the way, I’m sure you only walk, run or ride your bicycle to get everywhere you need to go. Since you don’t support companies that support people who hate and kill gays, I know you don’t give your money to any oil company because you never purchase fuel or ride in vehicles run on fuel, right? Our oil comes from OPEC, run by Muslims. And being gay in a Muslim country is a crime punishable by death.

      You, like the rest of your lefty progressive crowd, have no idea what hate is. That’s why you site SPLC’s designation of FRC as a hate group. The SPLC is the hate group.

  4. I would have the parents ensure that they remove all connections to Planned Parenthood as well as unions since they support Democrats, abortion and other progressive agendas and I feel that is insensitive to conservatve Americans.

  5. Interesting that you choose to write about me and my cause thank you… I just noticed this site, probably because you are really nobody and no one really cares what you think anyway. The truth is that FRC has been certified as a hate group by the SPLC The FRC has displayed their view in their own words on their website supporting the sterilization, deportation and murder of anybody that Identifies as LGBT. This group is beyond sick and demented. My issue is that the school system indirectly supports this group by using CFA. CFA’s involvement spans may years and millions of dollars.
    I’m in no way attacking anybodies right to their religion. It’s just that not all of us feel the same way. This is a public school system. Its intended use is for our entire counties residents. All people Male, Female, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Transgender whatever they identify as. It’s hard enough to grow up different than others especially in Paulding County. The suicide rate among LGBT teens is around 40% attempt before they are out of their teenage years. Having a company like CFA in our schools is sending the wrong message. If you personally want to eat there then fine no one is stopping you. Knock yourself out this is a free country! But keep this out of our school.

    Thank you
    Reagan Stewart

    P.S. Sara If you intend on post a blog and want to have people take you seriously get you facts straight! You can Lie all you want it doesn’t change fact.

    • Reagan,

      You seem to confuse fact for opinion. The SPLC calls nearly everyone with whom it disagrees a “hate group,” and it seems that you believe that an organization that stands up for families — both based on data and on religious values — is a “hate group” for having its own opinion. That is not “hate.” That word is overused and misused. The facts here are quite accurate.

      Is CFA coming in to the school and teaching hatred against LGBT people?

      Are you going to prevent companies and people from coming in to the school if they are atheists? Because certainly, those people “hate” others who believe in God. Are you going to prevent companies and people from coming in to the school if they believe in not having sex before marriage, and teaching that in school, rather than teaching teens how to have sex? Because certainly, those people “hate” hormonal teenagers.

      We should be accepting of everyone — everyone, including people with whom you disagree. It seems you want acceptance for LGBT people, but you aren’t willing to accept others. The only one showing hate here is … you.

      This site receives several hundred thousand hits per month, but we appreciate your starting off your comment by slamming us. It makes your comment so much more credible.

      Sara Marie Brenner


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