Twitter’s #My2K and the Ignorance That Follows

That may be the case, Mr. President. But first, Congress isn’t “ending the middle class tax cuts.” President George W. Bush, whom you believe is all things evil, instituted these tax cuts that you now want to save. As you would ask, how are you paying for these tax cuts, Mr. President? When there are tax cuts for the “wealthy” you have to pay for them, so what are you doing to pay for the middle class tax cuts?

Ellen wants the rich to pay their “fair share.” But, what number is that? Ellen doesn’t say, and neither do the Democrats. What exactly is “fair share?” Perhaps if we knew, we would be able to understand whether it is indeed fair.

Nancy seems to understand. Do the people who voted for Obama?

Kristina and Dana are two of our favorite conservative ladies on Twitter, and bring some common sense to the discussion:

Of course, if we are raising taxes to help with the national debt – which is Obama’s reasoning – what good is it doing if it is only going to run the government for 8 days? Clearly, this isn’t about helping with the national debt. It is about class warfare.

True; however, it does seem to provide edification for Obama’s divisive tactics.

No, Ellen, they don’t understand. Just like they don’t understand that increasing taxes will not help create jobs or pay down the national debt.

What’s really sad is that Krissy seems to think that Obama is going to give her an additional $2,000. “Extra bills paid out?” If you can’t afford them now, you will not be able to afford them with the status quo. It is not an additional $2,000, Krissy.

Carolyn also seems to misunderstand:

Yes, Jae – even Vice-President Joe Biden said that the middle class has been broken over the last four years. Yet, people reelected the people responsible for it.

And unfortunately, this may actually be true:

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  1. Most liberals I saw on twitter or in comment sections of articles thought they were getting an additional $2,000. They honestly believe that the GOP wanted to “steal their money.” When I brought up My52k they honestly thought I was talking about my salary, tax bracket, or “rich tax cut.” This is a serious problem when you cant have a serious discussion with other citizens because they have been purposely misinformed by their President.

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