Israel’s Missed Opportunity


Tom Oyster is a new contributor to The Brenner Brief. His columns will post weekly on Tuesdays.

Israel has missed an opportunity. The Obama administration has made sure of that. After a relatively quiet 2010 and 2011, Hamas has amped up their rocket attacks into Gaza in 2012, ultimately sparking the eight day war that apparently ended last week.

Israel has missed the opportunity to quash Hamas, and Barack Obama has facilitated it.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that spun off of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is the party that is newly in power in Egypt. Yet, Egypt’s Morsi was the broker of the recent cease fire. Some may view this as a conflict of interest, but it is not according to President Obama. He continually praises Egypt for helping to stabilize the region. In fact, he called for a cease fire on November 14, the same day that Ahmed Jabari, the military leader of Hamas, was killed.

President Obama wants Israel to stop fighting for their rights the very day that they strike a critical blow to their enemy. Not only that, the infrastructure under the Hamas’ organization seems to be crumbling. Recently, Hamas had to move its worldwide headquarters out of Damascus due to the Syrian civil war. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has not outwardly accepted Hamas back with open arms, either. Some reports even claim that the Egyptian government is behind the destruction of tunnels that supply weapons from Syria into Gaza, though this is not confirmed.

The Jordanian government has pulled its support of Hamas due to their own internal problems, as well. Why not take every opportunity to crush the head of the serpent while you can? This is a terror group that is losing funding,  power in the region, and its leadership. Why does the Obama administration beg for a cease fire at the exact time when a ground offensive would be extremely effective? Only time will tell, but it seems as if the United States’ policy on Israel is skewed.

Israel needs our support. We certainly do not need to actively engage in ground combat in Gaza, but Israel needs to know that we support them while they combat terrorism within their borders. Arab nations must be made aware that the United States will support Israel, and will not support any nation that assists or supports Hamas.

The United States is asking Israel to agree to a cease fire, while also asking it to acknowledge the legal existence of Palestine. In other words, stop defending yourself, and at the same time, agree to recognize your enemy as a rightful political entity. None of this makes a bit of sense to regional stability. We have troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many other countries in the Middle East. Why we allow a terror group to continually attack one of our few allies in the region is beyond reason. We could have facilitated a potential end to the Hamas terror group, and yet our government once again chooses a faction of the Arab world over Israel.

For the moment, Israel has missed an opportunity. Only time will tell whether that opportunity presents herself again.


  1. I agree, Hamas is a proxy of Iran and as such it needs to be crushed when it wages war against our allies. By standing idly by we invite further challenges from Iran and other fundamentalist regimes.

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