The “New” Brenner Brief — All This Week …

Over the past few weeks, we have gradually made changes to the web site to make it more navigable and relevant for our readers. This week, we will complete our latest updates allowing The Brenner Brief to be a solid, trustworthy source for your daily news from the “right” side of the web. As we like to say, “we are rendering the MSM useless,” and we hope you will help.

Today we are announcing our new team of contributors, writers, journalists, artists and aggregators. By adding this team of over 20 individuals, we will be able to bring constant news, editorials and more to you on a daily basis — every day of the week, all year round. Some of our team members are best-selling authors, some have worked in media and journalism and others are new to writing on a larger platform; but, all of them are engaged, “right” minded individuals who abhor the left and the main stream media, and want to help be able to do something about it.

By publishing an editorial from one of our contributors, it does not mean that we support or condone what that person is saying. However, if we publish it, it means it is something we believe you should see — that you would be interested in reading. View a full list of our contributors here, and check back daily this week as we update the list. Each contributor will be seen on The Brenner Brief once each week on a regular day, so we will add the contributors daily through the week as we share their work with you for the first time.

While we are not the Associated Press or Reuters and have no interest in becoming a news aggregator, we will bring breaking news to you that we believe is important for our politics-based focus as an online news and opinion source. Of course, if you have any tips, please be sure to share them with us.

We are very excited about this week, rolling out something new for you each day. Stay tuned to the early morning announcement for the new addition every day this week, and be sure to make The Brenner Brief a part of your daily news briefing.

About The Brenner Brief

The Brenner Brief is rendering the mainstream media useless.
To submit a tip, contact us or request information on becoming a contributor, visit


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