The Three Musketeers: Walmart, Unions and Occupy Wall Street


“Walmart” is trending on twitter this morning, and #WalmartStrikers is where the pro-union forces are sharing information. Oddly enough, there aren’t as many tweets as you would think. Maybe Walmart employees are actually busy … working.

Max Berger of the Huffington Post says that Walmart strikers are an “inspiration” to all:

This woman from Organizing For America is brilliant. By decreasing Walmart’s revenue, you’re helping its workers?

We reported on Nov. 16 that Occupy Wall Street was behind the Walmart strikes. Now, they’re telling us that Walmart is a “deadly” employer:

The web site Amplicate is sharing Walmart “hate” comments and “love” comments. Click on the links in the tweet:

Remember the controversy over “the story of stuff?” Well, they support the Walmart strikers, too:

Walmart had better change their P.A. code:

The memo Walmart gave their salaried employees:

Somehow by hurting the workers who would have to put back all of your items, you’re helping them?

Finally, some practical, common sense arrives:

Tweeps supporting the comment that Walmart’s employees aren’t paid enough:

But wait:

It seems that some Walmarts do have strikes in full force, while others have one person walking out. Either way, Walmart is open for business today.

If you have any updates, photos or information, post them in the comments section here and to twitter using #WalmartStrikers.

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