The Church of Stop Shopping


“Reverend Billy” wants you to stop shopping. Especially today. Your buying products that have been shipped from sweat shops in Asia caused Hurricane Sandy. Why do you continue to hurt the earth?

The Church Of Stop Shopping believes we are the problem, and that the 99% is somehow related to their overall message. Maybe it’s just an attention getter.

Billy even has a choir:

Don’t they emit a lot of carbon dioxide doing that?

Just as you were maybe taking him seriously, let’s watch Billy “preach” against the global economic system for none other than Occupy Wall Street:

At least Billy can grow the fruit for his fruitcake without having to emit Hurricane Sandy causing gasses.

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  1. Reblogged this on Lunch Pail Left and commented:
    Thanks for writing about Bill. He’s a hero of mine.

  2. Oh and I almost forgot. It is satire. If you talk to Bill Tallen, not Rev. Billy. He would tell you “of course you can’t stop shopping. but just try and stop buying things you don’t need. and buy American when you can.” And he’s also big into the Constitution and the Bill of rights. Like I said in the comment above a real American hero.

    Now that he has your attention I hope you will give him another look.

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