Did Egyptians Believe Muslim Brotherhood Was Moderate?


Following the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Mohammed Morsi giving himself pharaoh-like powers as Egypt’s president, protests have started in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Morsi’s political opponent warned against the power grab:

The calls went out yesterday to gather after Friday prayers:

Moments ago, Morsi was speaking to his supporters at the presidential palace. Meanwhile, his police force is tear gassing and fighting the protestors in Tahrir Square.

Did the Egyptians confuse an Islamist government for an open, respectful democracy?

Certainly, some Egyptians aren’t very happy with the Morsi government:

Of course, the UN is coming to the rescue! Errr … maybe not. They’ll just release statements of concern, because those have so much strength:


Perhaps the hopes of a “new Egypt” under Morsi are starting to diminish:

After all, how can anyone from the Muslim Brotherhood lead a pro-democracy, transparent, modern government?

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  1. I don’t understand what the Egyptian people were thinking. All I can say is they might have to reset their government a couple of times to get it right. A lot of nations that throw off the yolk of dictatorship had to do just that. But their is a cost to getting it wrong. And that cost is blood.

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