PETA: “Let the Turkeys Give Thanks!”

PETA says we should not eat turkeys this Thanksgiving. In fact, they believe we should “let the turkeys give thanks!”

Let’s face it: Thanksgiving is a time to take stock of our lives and give thanks for all that we have, so why not let the turkeys give thanks too?

I never knew a turkey had the ability to give thanks or feel gratitude. According to PETA, which apparently has a unique set of abilities to get inside the minds of turkeys, they do. PETA also says that “the turkeys are begging your pardon….The president pardons a turkey every year, can’t you pardon one too?” The PETA guilt is starting to work now. Instead of cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, I think I’ll invite one to my table.

Too bad PETA doesn’t use their unique set of talents to get inside the minds of the thousands of adoptable pets who were healthy, but who PETA has allowed to be killed, or die from starvation, each year. On this issue, Nathan J Winograd, author of the book Redemption and creator of the country’s first “No Kill” community, claims PETA condemns “no kill” advocates and shelters as turning their backs on the “gift” of killing animals who want a “peaceful exit from a cruel world.”

Apparently, it doesn’t occur to PETA that, like the turkeys, maybe these animals would have liked a chance to have been pardoned and give thanks this Thanksgiving.

PETA’s hypocrisy astonishes even the most business minded among us. In Forbes, David M. Ewalt writes about PETA’s attack on the makers of the Pokémon video game, which is popular among children, for promoting animal abuse. If anyone is familiar with the Pokémon series, there is nothing remotely cruel or violent in the games.

In predictable PETA attack mode, they went as far as to create their own game mocking the original Pokémon. The animals in their game are shown as battered and abused, and the humans as evil doers, dripping with blood and holding instruments of torture. Which game do you think is more violent — more abusive to the minds of children?

Let’s hope PETA, the turkey whisperer, after munching on their Homemade Tofurky Loaf (recipe promoted on their website), takes some time out this Thanksgiving to beg their own pardon. After all they have done to this point — PETA is without a wing and a prayer.


  1. If the Pilgrims had been given Tofurky Loaf at the first Thanksgiving, they would have gone back to Europe and we wouldn’t where we are today. If PETA wants to have their Tofurky Loaf, let them. But don’t ruin my Thanksgiving because you don’t believe in my menu. There are arguments saying that Humans are Natural Meat Eaters ( and there are opposing arguments (, so I say let everyone make up their own minds and let it go at that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a Pork Chop and some salad.

  2. The turkey is already defrosting in my fridge, should I set it free? If so, it has had it’s feathers removed, should I glue new ones on or provide it an ample winter coat? Another thing, as I know the neck is in the bird but the head is not, what should I do? I am not very good at sewing.

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