10 Reasons Republicans Think The Party Is Dysfunctional


This list of 10 reasons why the Republicans think their party is dysfunctional was obviously put together by a liberal, lame stream media dreamer. Some of the points are close to being on point, but others — well, you decide.

This list is from Alternet.com, and explanations are from The Brenner Brief:

1. Bobby Jindal: GOP = The Stupid Party

Actually, we believe Jindal doesn’t get it, either. Sara Marie Brenner explains this in, “The GOP Has It Backwards.

2. Lindsey Graham: “We’re In A Big Hole,” and Romney keeps digging.

Quite true; however, Graham hasn’t helped by abandoning the conservative cause cause in the past.

3. Bill Kristol: “We have a huge middle class problem.”

Do we?

4. Newt Gingrich: “Romney insult[ed] all Americans.”

Actually, if you listen to what Romney said — he was referencing people on welfare. Thankfully, not all Americans are on welfare.

5. Raul Labrador: Republicans are defending big business, which loves big government.

Find for us a business owner who “loves big government.” Please.

6. Peggy Noonan: A kinder, gentler Tea Party is needed.

When it appears that the far right stayed home, it would seem a Tea Party that is stronger on the fiscal issues and mum on the social ones may be what’s needed.

7. Ralph Benko: GOP’s “Bush Mandarins” ran from Reagan agenda.

Really? Does that even make sense?

8. Mike Murphy: Demographics add up to “an existential crisis for the Republican Party”

This is true, and why micro-targeting and consistent outreach are both necessary.

9. Karl Rove: The ground game sucked, and consultants made too much money. (Srsly.)

Someone buy Karl a mirror, please.

10. Meghan McCain: Karl Rove Sucks.

And who got your daddy in the White House? Oh, that’s right.

For the entire story, visit Alternet.com.

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  1. Is Meghan McCain still a Republican? I thought she was leaving to become an Independent. I don’t know many that will miss her “insightful commentary.”

  2. #2014 Like to do the job before. #tYe #Srsly

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