Tweets Show Occupy, Unions Behind Walmart Strike

As Hostess Brands plans its discussion today to determine whether it will close its doors forever, we are now learning that Black Friday will also be destroyed by the unions and Occupy Wall Street movement.

Walmart strikers are tweeting with the hash tag #WalmartStrikers, and are proving in their tweets that this is an effort by leftist organizations. When will unions learn that if they put all of the companies for which they work out of business, there will not be jobs and therefore no union dues to subsidize their thuggery?

The fists … Oh, the fists. Such a positive sign of unity.

And then there’s this guy who thinks he’s fighting for a bigger cause:

How nice. He’s making himself feel important by creating a more profound meaning for his shutting down a company on their most important day for revenue of the year.

This one is hoping for an opportunity to shoplift – why, because the Walmart employees won’t be there to watch, or because the striking employees plan to steal?

Why do the libs always think they have to boycott companies? That’s the liberal rage — if a company isn’t in “solidarity” with their leftist thuggery, boycott!

Why do the strikers need to be “sponsored” for their strike? They can buy their coffees and donuts inside the Walmart in front of which they are choosing to picket.

The harmless SEIU is involved, as well. That definitely means it’s a grassroots operation with workers who really feel the need to strike, right?

Somehow they think that by costing the company money they are going to help themselves. Does a company losing money pay its employees more, or less?

And finally, this one:

Why don’t people understand that companies pay why they have to in order to attract the type of person they need to perform the job well? This is why a neurosurgeon earns more money than a mail man. Both are important jobs, but one takes more education and skill than the other and therefore earns more money.

The bigger question is — when are we going to stop allowing the unions to run our lives? In Europe they can stop the trains and bring the economy to a halt. We are reaching the point of no return here, as well.

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