The War On Business Continues: Papa John’s Pizza

Mark Cuban may think that ObamaCare is helping to create competition:

For many, the implications of ObamaCare on businesses are a tragedy — not something to celebrate.

Democracy in Action has a petition at (a division of the always centrist and neutral to tell Papa John’s Pizza that the $0.14 per pizza that ObamaCare will cost the company should be manageable because they give away two million pizzas per year. Of course, what these leftist thugs fail to understand is that those pizzas can be written off as advertising or marketing, and they help to build Papa John’s Pizza’s business. They are not just give-aways. But of course, the leftists who find a problem with Papa John’s concerns certainly cannot understand how a business works, fights to stay alive or manages its cash flow. The cost per pizza will be passed down partially to the consumer, but Papa John’s may also move all of its employees to schedules that are under 30 hours per week so that they avoid the requirements under ObamaCare.

America did it once with Chick-fil-A, and she will do it again with Papa John’s. Today is Papa John’s Appreciation Day, so order your pizza, and tweet out the pictures using #IStandWithPapaJohns or #ISupportPapaJohns — let the world know that you are fighting back against the bullying from the left. Only militant, leftist thuggery would promote boycotting a company that may go under, or striking to shut down a company altogether (see Hostess Brands).

The Twitterverse Reaction

Even people who do not love the pizza are supporting Papa John’s today:


Others are celebrating their act of defiance by order Papa John’s:

For those of you not on Twitter, “LWNJ” is short for “left-wing nut job.”


Just as she did for Chick-fil-A, Dana Loesch of The Dana Loesch Radio Show ordered Papa John’s for her staff today:


Breitbart’s John Nolte is in on the Papa John’s Pizza Appreciation Day, too:


But this goes to show you just how the libs can really be. They haven’t quite caught on to the fact that when they boycott a company doing the right thing, Americans will pull together to support that corporation. Instead, they would rather cause problems:


And, of course:

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  1. And how many billions of dollars are going to the top dog(s)? They don’t have to give away millions of pizza….I don’t believe they can’t afford this. I want numbers after seeing where the owner lives.

    • Rita, you represent a common problem among many people in this nation who are ignorant of business’ operations.

      1) Wherever the CEO lives, who cares? He risked it all to have the company — it’s his ass on the line ultimately. If he has a huge multi-million dollar estate somewhere, good! He earned it.

      2) Giving away free pizzas isn’t the issue. First of all, Papa John’s has a deal where you earn points and then free pizzas. Those are going to keep current customers coming back. They may also give away other ones for marketing purposes, writing them off on their advertising/marketing lines, luring new customers. They aren’t just “giving away” pizzas.

      People who have no clue about business need to stop trying to tell their owners how to run them.

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