Aw, Union Thugs Sent Us Love Notes


More hate mail today, this time from the union thugs.

Here’s the tweet thread that started it all:

To which Sara Marie Brenner replied:

Then, the pro-union thuggery hate mail came pouring in, right on cue. Some of it isn’t hateful, but is certainly demonstrative if the ignorance that is the leftist labor movement.

This is not the alternative to a union. Why do they insist it is?

Then there’s this one, referencing Brenner’s “snarky conservative” verbiage in her Twitter bio:

These folks just can’t handle an opposing view:

They assume everyone works in a factory?

Brenner’s parents each own their own successful businesses, no thanks, whatsoever, to any union.

This person must not work for Hostess (or Walmart for that matter):

If the company can afford this, great. Some can’t. Demanding it doesn’t make that change.

These tweeps get it:

Peggy demonstrates the mindset of a union worker who would rather see the company die than negotiate to keep it afloat:

While Karen proves you don’t need a union to be treated fairly:

We consider this one to be a compliment:

And this was genuinely kind:

In the end, some think this is the problem:

Yes @LibertarianTex, that’s exactly what he (and Trumka) did.

But, this is the real problem:

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  1. Kudos to you Sara, you’re fighting the good fight. You’re an inspiration to all conservatives.

  2. Twitter is full of….stuff 🙂

    Why not simply close plants and relocate to non-union states?


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