Fairwell Rep. Ron Paul


At The Brenner Brief, we have never been terribly supportive of Rep. Paul’s presidential campaign or his refusal to unite the Republican Party under Mitt Romney’s banner. When we look back at the November 6 general election, the data has shown that some Republicans stayed home — those who bought Paul’s line that, in essence, since it was not he on the ticket the nominee was not good enough.

Paul’s ideology may seem rational in these times, especially for domestic policy. While his foreign policy is flawed from the perspective of building and maintaining a hegemony, Paul is a true patriot who believes in the Constitution, America and her liberties.

As a celebration of what Paul has fought for all of these years, we post his fairwell speech to Congress. We cannot possibly support all of his positions or the “character worship” practiced by some of his followers, but Paul reminds us what this nation was founded on at a time when our country’s leaders seem to forget.

Fairwell, Rep. Paul. Yes, “fair” well. Not, “farewell.” Paul is fair weather friend to the Republican Party — only supporting it when it does him well, rather than looking at the importance for the country. With that, “fairwell,” Rep. Paul.

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  1. Rep. Paul stood for his beliefs, and did not compromise. A man of character (which is very rare in modern politics). Even though I disagreed with some of his F.P. views, I’ll really miss him in congress.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    The word is “farewell”. I’ve never understood the GOP vituperation over Paul. Disagreement, yes; I don’t agree on all issues either. But when I see foam at the mouth, I begin to suspect demonic influence and a backhanded endorsement. As for Paulians’ presence or lack of same in the “big tent”, that’s a question best asked of the GOP establishment, which fought them tooth and nail in primary season and at the convention.

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