What the MSM Isn’t Telling You About President Obama’s Presser Today

Obama Presser 11.14.12

Credit: Shawn Thew / EPA

Today, President Barack Obama said his re-election is due to the support from the middle class and those wanting to get in to the middle class. In summary, he said his mandate is: “Work really hard to help us.”

  • Gen. David Petraeus: The first question asked today assumed that President Barack Obama did not know about the situation with Gen. David Petraeus before the November 6 election (softball lobbing was the pattern from this first question today). He made a statement that he is “withholding judgement” on the FBI’s decision not to tell him about the CIA Director. If there was a potential that the CIA Director was a national security threat, shouldn’t he be infuriated that he didn’t know before the election? Or, of course, perhaps he actually did know before the election, so he has nothing about which to be infuriated. Obama said that, if he had known from the FBI that there was an issue before the election, the press would be asking “why were you interfering in a criminal investigation?” Perhaps the real question is, why were you informed in advance of the election by the FBI that your CIA Director was a national security threat, yet you did nothing?
  • Fiscal cliff: Obama explained that he supports reforming loopholes and deductions in the tax code, an idea for which he was slamming Romney during the campaign. He also stated that he doesn’t expect the Republicans to adopt his budget, apparently experiencing a moment of “Romnesia” as he forgets that the GOP has passed budgets in the House, and it is the Democrat-led Senate that has failed to pass a budget — the Republicans are not the problem. The President specified that he does not want the middle class bearing the tax burden in this nation, but he must also forget that the wealthy pay nearly 70% of the federal tax burden, according to the CBO. Obama again demonstrated that, in his mind, compromise means that the Republicans support his plans, saying, “If, despite the election, if despite the dangers of going over the fiscal cliff … that there’s too much stubbornness in Congress that we can’t even agree on giving middle class families a tax cut, then middle class families are all going to have a big tax hike.”
  • Economy: The President said, the “research budget is the key to growing the economy in the long-term.” What could he possibly mean by this? We are now going to have an economy run by scientists doing tests on rats rather than businesses creating products and services that are purchased by consumers?
  • The Campaign: In a rare moment, President Obama complimented Mitt Romney, providing positive remarks on his handling of the Olympics. Obama said he wants to meet with Romney by the end of the year, with no specific “potential assignment,” but citing that he does want to find “ways to work together.”
  • Bi-Partisanship: Obama admitted, “there is no doubt that I can always do better.” He continued to clarify, in essence, that he wants to communicate that he’s willing to work with everyone, so long as it’s his way.
  • Benghazi: The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has been a target of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham in recent weeks. Obama stated today, “They should go after me.” He said that Rice gave “her best understanding of the way that the intelligence had been presented to her,” and that McCain and Graham are “besmirching her reputation” for no reason. Graham released a statement not long ago today clarifying for the President that he most certainly holds him (Obama) ultimately responsible. It seems Obama is attempting to change the conversation and rescue his staff who undoubtedly were repeating the campaign-provided talking points. In addition, the President stated that when we have “four Americans killed, that’s a problem.” Merely a problem? Not a tragedy, a travesty, a horrific occurrence — merely, a problem. Yes, a problem that, had it been reported properly by the lame stream media, would have cost him his reelection. Furthermore, Ed Henry of Fox News Channel asked whether Obama provided any direct orders to try to protect the lives of those who ultimately died in Benghazi. Obama did not answer with a direct “yes” or even “no,” and rather said, “We’ll put forward all of the information we have.”
  • Iran: The President stated today that Iran should be allowed to “enjoy peaceful nuclear power.” Do we tell an alcoholic that he should be allowed to enjoy just one drink, knowing fully that he will be unable to stop after one? Do we tell a person addicted to desserts that he may enjoy just one piece of cake, knowing that when our backs are turned he will eat the whole cake? Certainly we are not advocating that Iran should not have power, but there must be a way to monitor that they are not taking their power any further than “peaceful nuclear power.” Do we trust this administration and the IAEA to have the capability of putting such stoppages in place?
  • Climate Change: “We can’t attribute any particulate weather event to climate change.” Oh good, now we know that Hurricane Sandy isn’t the fault of the coal industry and CEOs of carbon-emitting companies. Thank you for that, Mr. President. “What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing, faster than what was predicted even 10 years ago.” Another profound statement from our president. Obama confirmed that he believes “climate change is real” and that we have an “obligation to do something about it.” Citing changes his administration has made in prior years, he did not specifically state that he would push through a carbon tax, which is what the journalist asking the question wanted to know.
  • Syria: “I was one of the first leaders around the world to say Assad had to go.” Well, Mr. President, he’s still there. “We have been extensively engaged…” Another utter failure, then. “My envoys will be traveling to meetings” with the international community, he explained. We should all expect the Syrian situation to be rectified soon then. After all, meetings with the international community are routinely the solution to the world’s global problem, and are usually extremely successful. If only we had we had more meetings with envoys. (If you cannot hear the dripping sarcasm as you read this paragraph, please re-read it and listen more closely.)

After the press conference today, MSNBC reported that this is President Obama’s first press conference since he was re-elected. This infers that he gave a press conference when he was re-elected, or within a few days of it. However, President Obama has been predominantly mum this entire year, with the last press conference occurring 8 months ago.

The press conference was Obama, as usual. And, the lame stream media coverage following the presser missed the important statements from it, as we always expect.


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