President to meet with MoveOn, other ‘progressive activists’ in closed meeting to discuss fiscal cliff

Perhaps this is why the President has not met with Republican leadership since the summer.

Our “Prezzy” is making decisions with the input from the radical left. What happened to the “work together” verbiage from the campaign?


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  1. The boy had to meet with them to discuss how best to shove America off that cliff.

  2. He met with labor leaders today and is meeting with business leaders tomorrow. By the way, he has already talked to the Republican leadership about the issue so … what was the problem again?

    • Interesting — he had to get labor’s side of the story before he proposes an actual solution?

      Big labor is putting Hostess out of business. We shouldn’t have much faith in their ability to help save America.

      • He had to get all sides of the story which is why he is meeting with labor and big business. As for Hostess, it already filed for bankruptcy twice – the most recent in January. Those had nothing to do with labor negotiations; that company is just badly run and in a shrinking market.

        • You are completely wrong. Hostess had a cost-cutting plan that the courts finally ruled they could implement, despite union objection (it’s just the one union mentioned in the story — the other unions agreed). I spoke with Hostess today. Of course, the union never called me back.

          • Of course they had a cost cutting plan, they are in a shrinking market. Their revenues have essentially collapsed since they went private in 2009.

  3. I’m glad lobbyist like Move On have a say on our nation’s most pressing problem! Not really.

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