Just What Voter Reform Does The “Rev” Want?

Tonight on his MSNBC program Politics Nation, Rev. Al Sharpton called for “real voter reform.” At The Brenner Brief, we would be elated to hear the Rev say that he wants to have real voter reform. But, just what kind of reform does Reverend Al want?

When he spoke in South Carolina in September, the Rev gave us a pretty good idea of just exactly what he wants:

Gov. Haley, you may have the Confederate flag in front of the capital, but this is not the Confederacy no more. … We are not going to be insulted. We know who we are. Since you want an ID, let me give you the ID. We are those that came from slavery.

There is no argument against photo ID other than the charge of racism. This is the emotional string on which the Democrats tug, choking the life out of common sense — the common sense telling us we should make sure that someone is who they say they are. Since checking one’s identity is “racist,” is the government racist for requiring an identification to receive welfare?

In March, Reverend Al pulled the victim card again:

The right has geared up to suppress the vote… What was fought for and won in Selma to Montgomery has never had such a frontal attack as today. We need to get back on the streets and fight for what we fought for in 1965.

Were any of us in Selma when Sharpton marched in 1965 against voter fraud, illegal votes being cast and lack of voter integrity? And here we’ve been taught all of these years that Reverend Al marched so that African-Americans could have equal civil rights. Aw, shucks – what a misunderstanding.

Sharpton does not want “voter reform.” Rather, the Rev wants to be able to use voter ID as a mechanism to charge the Republicans with racism and reignite a non-existent race war. A modern-day civil rights movement is how the Democrats motivate their otherwise apathetic voters to get out and vote (with or without photo ID).

If Reverend Al sat down to rewrite the voter ID laws, he would undoubtedly allow people to vote for 90 days before Election Day, and anyone could just walk in and vote based on the claim that they live in that precinct and are who they say. Why do we even call it Election Day anymore? There is not a single day to vote anymore, after all, and it’s more like an election season or an election year that it is an election day.

When the Rev says he wants “real voter reform,” simply keep in mind the kind of voter reform he really wants. The left does not want to protect the sanctity of the vote, because the only way they can win, as we are seeing from this year’s presidential elections, is to keep Republican poll watchers out, cast votes for dead people, have students vote in two states, bus non-citizens to the polls and make illegals citizens in the hope that they will add a new voting block for the Democrat party. This is Reverend Al Sharpton’s “real voter reform” — vote early, and vote often, even in the same election and regardless of whether you’re legally able.

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  1. How can people live without ID? You can’t complete basic financial transactions, travel on a plane, drive a car, apply for credit or loans, or cross borders. Why wouldn’t we want everyone to have an ID?

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