Today’s Hate Mail…

Today’s hate mail on twitter has been unbelievable. Here are some uncensored screen shots from my twitter feed. I’m sure there will be more as the day goes on…











And this one was great, in a good way:



And wait, Miss Shannon Marie doesn’t want any insensitivity? Yet, she sent the tweets above? Ah, the tolerant left.


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  1. I hate #twitter… and the useless shill that troll it…

  2. #1, We really need to see if we can find hate mailers who know how to spell and are more grammatically correct than the ones you currently have.
    #2. You’re obviously doing your job, since you have continuously hit a nerve with so many people. Don’t stop.

  3. Been there … done that. Voted for Romney and Ryan, that is.
    Thanks for your fight for right and the rights of the unborn.
    I honor you for what you do.
    I will be with the rest of the Conservatives in Albuquerque celebrating our great victories tomorrow evening.
    I’ll take any appellation the democraps.and .proggies wish to throw my way.
    Until victory. God Bless


  4. Say stupid stuff, cry when people call you out and react to it.. typical conservative .

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