MSM: Increase in unemployment is a “good thing for President Obama”


Only MSNBC’s Morning Joe’s hosts and guests could contort an increase in the unemployment rate to be “a good thing for President Obama.”

The 8:30am EDT November 2, 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics press release says “the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.9 percent.”

Excuse me, BLS – then why does your graph show that the unemployment went up? And, isn’t 7.9 higher than 7.8? Your September new jobs numbers were revised downward this week – nearly cut in half – so perhaps you’re referring to those numbers being just as despicable as October’s.

It’s just like the lame stream lap dogs in the media to figure out how to make an increase in unemployment a positive for President Obama going into Tuesday’s election.

Unemployment for adult women is also up — by 0.2 percent. This should be no surprise from an administration that talks about the “war on women” while it wages the war itself (see my October 17 column). For black or African-American women over the age of 20, unemployment is 12.4 percent, while it’s 6.3 percent for white women. Yet, the African-American community supports this president. The foreign-born unemployment rate for those 16 years and older is better than for African-Americans at only 8.5 percent. How is affirmative action working out for native-born African-Americans under this president?

For women who have a teenager trying to find a job, there is nearly a 1 in 4 chance that your teenager is unemployed. Teens are supposed to be the low-wage employees who get their start in jobs to earn a little extra money, save up to buy a car, build their resumes and get used to having to work for a living. Only 3 in 4 teenagers are experiencing those important lessons, leaving 1 in 4 teens unprepared for how the world works when you have a job. Those unemployed teens are also an additional financial burden to their parents who could otherwise have their teenager’s spending supplemented by that teen holding down a job.

The report also points out that mining has lost 17,000 jobs since May 2012. This is due primarily to Obama’s war on coal. If you missed the video made by coal miners explaining their opposition to Obama’s war against them and their jobs, take the time to watch it below. After all of the lies that the miners were required to show up for Romney rally, you will be interested to learn that none of that is true.

Of course, if you work for the government you are sitting on the cushiest situation of them all. In October 2012, the unemployment rate among those who work for the government is a mere 4.2 percent. While taxpayers cannot find full employment, private sector employees’ wages are down and families are struggling, don’t worry — your taxes are making sure that the government employees are remaining employed, with their plush benefits packages and job security.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate may be 7.9 percent by U-3 numbers (the official unemployment rate), but when you consider people who are only working part-time but want full-time and anyone “marginally attached to the labor force,” the unemployment rate is actually 14.6 percent.

If you’re black, African-American, a woman, a miner, a teenager or parents of a teen, don’t worry — you can help your own employment situation on Tuesday by not re-electing President Obama. You can’t afford four more years of this.

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