Voting Machine Controversy

English: This is an image of a Diebold Electio...

In The Blaze yesterday, there was an article about voting machines displaying “Obama” when someone votes for “Romney.” Having heard this from people in prior elections, I do find it hard to believe this isn’t user error.

The article explains the calibration issues that can occur, and certainly, this seems reasonable.

As an Ohio resident, I have never had a problem with a voting machine.

If you read The Blaze article, one of the witnesses to this even admits that you have to put your finger exactly on the mark. While this may seem strange, wouldn’t that be what you would actually expect?

With the problems we have in Ohio, I believe the voting machines are far at the bottom of the list of worries. Soon, I will be releasing my entire follow-up piece on the potential voter fraud in Ohio. What you will discover from that is much more worrisome than a machine that needs to be recalibrated.

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