MORE TAPE: Brenner’s Visit to the Morse Road (Columbus, Ohio) Polling Center

Morse Road Early Voting Center - Columbus, Ohio

Morse Road Early Voting Center
Franklin County – Columbus, Ohio

Today, I visited the Morse Road polling center and have video and audio of questionable activities.

Stay tuned for the video and audio to be posted, along with a story that will be published to …

Check back!



  1. My question is this…. why the heck is these people who were interviewed as well as you SaraMarie reporting this to the Board of Elections with the tape as evidence showing this. I’m apolled that people are actually allowed to go into the polling booth with a voter to help them “push the button.” Naturalized citizens are mandated to learn English before becoming a citizen, so why are these people needing an interpreter, let alone a person to help them vote! Why do people have to be so devious? Please, report any strange or unlawful activity at the poll site!!!!

    • Cyndie- You are incorrect your assumption that this hasn’t been shared. Even the Secretary of State’s office is aware. As you’ll see in the second story, they wouldn’t reply to three requests for an answer to, “what are you going to do now?”

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