Plucking Virgins to Vote

When women think of their “first time,” they likely do not think of it being with a married man, a man twice their age (as this video targets college students), a man who has children, or a man who claims that he dislikes being around people. Yet, the Obama campaign wants college students to compare voting for Barack Obama to their “first time.” That’s right, college students, Obama wants your virginity.

For the last few months, we have been told that there is a war on women by the Republicans and the right. Supposedly, the right wants policies that would return women to the 1950s and to the torturous age of having to pay for our own birth control. However, it is the Obama campaign that is reducing a woman, and the vote of a woman, to her sexual objectivity.

Recently, Mitt Romney has closed the gap with women. The first hand accounts from his wife, Ann, and other friends of the Romney family demonstrate that Mitt is respectful of women and holds the women in his life in high regard. The reaction of the Obama campaign? Of course — demote women to their sexual virginity, and compare a woman’s “first time” to voting for Obama.

Obama talks frequently about his children. Would he want Sasha to be portrayed as giving her virginity to a candidate for president? Would anyone want their daughter to be objectified in that manner?

An organization called The Virgin Voting Project was founded in 2007, ironically, or perhaps not, during Obama’s first campaign for president. The Obamas have a history of latching on to the concept of young voters being virgins, and voting their “first time” for Obama.

On the other hand, Obama wouldn’t like Virgin Airlines very much – they voted to remain non-union in late 2011, contrary to Obama’s pro-union stance. It looks like some virgins don’t flock to Obama.

Naturally, one may ask, from where did the Obama campaign pluck its idea of comparing your “first time” to voting for Obama?

Not only is Obama’s campaign slogan, “Forward,” a nod to the Marxists, but now he is also taking a lesson in campaigning from Vladimir Putin.

So again, who is it who objectifies women?

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  1. When I watched this ad yesterday, I just sat there, wondering what might be wrong with us. Such a diminishing of women’s intelligence! I’ve never likened voting to a sexual experience myself, so maybe my ‘progressive’ ignorance is merely showing. This ad continues the ‘vote with your mommy parts’ insults of a few weeks ago. And complements Obama’s remarks about not wanting his daughters to be “punished with a baby” if they faced an ill-timed pregnancy. That women fall for such diminution of their character and worth saddens me. I, however, vote with my brain, not my uterus. My right to choose life and uphold it as sacred is still mine. I hope that young women out there realize that they’re not only being objectified, they’re contributing to the process when they ‘vote like it’s their first time.’

  2. Does any woman really remember her first time as pleasant?

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