BREAKING NEWS: Ohio Voter Fraud and Intimidation

Señalización de lugar de votación en Californi...

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Sources point to Democrat operatives influencing the vote, and voter intimidation at at least one location in the important swing state of Ohio.

Developing …

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  1. one man has all ready lead America for 4 years of deception & mismanagement of funds. Has voiced his views on entitlements and not independence. when people are poisoned with the fact That Government will bail them out then a chain reaction will happen and there kids turn there kids to entitlements. Education & tuff Love feed the knowledge how one builds a future..when a leader has no balance and can not build the protection to his people and Cuts the fundamentalism of his Military by 1.3 trillion Dollars and American”s Die as he Sleeps has no respect in my Vote to lead. Romney is my vote because only 2 Men are given to choose from and one all ready went down the wrong path.
    Barack Obama is doing his Killing with Drones and innocent people Die. and telling the Afgan People when we was committing to leave was a mistake. Barack Obama gave funding to solar power and wind power witch is a fraud would take the state of Washington with solar panels to light up New York street lights for 1 month and they all are bellying up. He is not a voice of peace but a voice of death and betrayed our men at arms. And now he has bad Blood of hero”s on his hands.

  2. On Thursday I took my cousin to the Morse Rd early voting location and there was a van with VIRGINIA license plates letting off a van load of black voters. Why VIRGINIA???

  3. I don’t see how you have the time to follow people of color who are voting when you have adopted all of these unwanted children who sat in Foster Care for all of those years??? Gee, some 10,000 children unwanted here in Ohio. Maybe you could go to Alabama and follow their voters…I think you’d be happier there. Or maybe Mississippi…closer to your intelligence, possibly.

  4. Suzanne Moore says:

    You gotta be kidding!!!! After all the voter intimidation, demanding photo ID, sending Hispanics vote reminders with the wrong date, trying to repress early votes, etc. that Republicans have been doing OPENLY, you accuse Democrats? Well, I guess turnabout IS fair play.

  5. Check out what Wendy Rosen (D) did.
    Check out what Virginia congressman Moran’s son (D) did.
    Cross my fingers if Black Panthers show up again with guns.
    75% of Americans want photo ID for voting.


  1. […] Saturday, the first story about possible voter fraud and intimidation in Ohio went live on Drudge and was an extremely […]

  2. […] On Wednesday, I visited the Morse Road Early Voting Center in Columbus, Ohio, the Franklin County voting center in question in my October 26 story for Human Events. […]

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