Mitt Romney Visits Delaware, Ohio



My husband, Ohio State Rep. Andrew Brenner (left) speaking with Mitt Romney

Delaware, Ohio is a city of about 35,000 and is the county seat of Delaware County, Ohio, where I reside. Bun’s Restaurant, in existence since 1864, was chosen to host Mitt Romney and Chris Christie today. My husband and I were honored to speak with them, and I let Romney know that he and Ann are in our prayers. The streets of this middle class town were filled with people, and a few protestors of course. The owner of Bun’s Restaurant was gleaming with pride that his restaurant had been chosen for such a special visit.

Delaware, Ohio is an important stop for the Romney campaign because it is quintessential middle America. The downtown is home to a liberal university, and is mainly Democrat. The neighborhoods on the out-skirts of the city are newer, middle class and lean Republican.

Romney spoke about shrinking incomes under Obama, repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with “real health care reform,” that spending more than we take in is immoral and must be rectified, lowering taxes, keeping the military strong, doubling the permits on federal lands for drilling, clean coal, becoming energy independent, high gas prices, and much more. The crowd was energetic and receptive, and Romney remained at Bun’s for nearly an hour signing books, shaking hands, speaking with people and trying the food.

Leaving the event, we saw Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama signs. But today, Delaware, Ohio was Romney country.

For all of the photos and videos, visit Sara Marie Brenner’s Facebook page.


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  1. We will have to go out and eat there when we come home.

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