The MSM Post Debate Excuse-Fest

In a continuation of the lame stream media’s clearly positioning itself with Democrat President Barack Obama, the “MSM” is attempting today to blame Obama’s performance on a variety of problems.

The Obama campaign’s often less than truthful Steff Cutter blamed the moderator, Jim Lehrer, for Obama’s poor performance in an interview with CNN:

Cutter Blames Lehrer

If Obama cannot hold his own with a mild-mannered, senior citizen debate moderator, how will he hold his own with the leaders of China, Pakistan or Iran?

The “tingling” Chris Matthew of MSNBC recommended that the President watch his network to prepare for future debates:

Perhaps that’s excellent advice for conservatives and Republicans to encourage. After all, that would mean that Obama would learn from the likes of Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews and others who repeatedly garner the lowest ratings in the cable news business. Clearly, they know how to make sure no one watches. After last night, Matthews’ “tingling” up his leg is likely gone; undoubtedly, he has a dribble down his leg.

James Carville commented that Romney came in with a chainsaw, and Obama just wanted to have a conversation:

Video from The Daily Caller

Again, will the leaders of China, Iran and other nations be nicey-nice when they speak with Obama?

And, in his infinite wisdom, Current TV’s Al Gore blamed Obama’s debate performance on the altitude!

The infamous Michael Moore is blaming Obama’s lack of preparation on John Kerry’s position as the stand-in for Romney:

The Washington Times

Andrew Sullivan provided an excellent blow-by-blow of exasperation:

The Daily Beast | Andrew Sullivan

And today in a Denver rally, Obama is saying that the “real Mitt Romney” – the one he was expecting to show up – wasn’t at the debate last night. Well, we all know that the one Romney expected to show up – the empty chair – was indeed present.

We are seeing a pattern: blame Obama’s failure as a President on George W. Bush, and blame his failure in the debates on everyone else. It is never Obama’s fault. It’s everyone else around him. Blame Bush, blame the altitude, blame the moderator, blame his debate stand-in, blame blame blame…

When will Obama’s failures as President, in the debates, and very soon, in his re-election, be Obama’s fault?


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