More MSM Lies, Today From CNN

Last night, The Daily Caller released a video of then candidate Barack Obama from 2007. In the video, Obama is speaking with a much different cadence and accent, lavishing praise on his now estranged pastor, Rev. Wright, and speaking of racial warfare.

I shared a few tweets about this video last night, after seeing it for the first time on Fox News Channel’s Hannity at 9p ET:

For more details on Obama’s anti-colonialism, see my column from September 12.

Then I noticed that someone else was finally saying what I was thinking:

More than anything, what I see in this video is a concerted effort by the lame stream media to cover up who Obama really is. You see, this video was indeed covered in 2007. However, the important parts of this video are the times when Obama goes off script. When the media reported on this speech, they covered it from the transcript that was provided to the media at the time, which did not include the comments Obama made off script.

To clarify, this speech occurred after Rev. Wright had been separated from the campaign, yet Obama is praising him here.

As a woman and a wife, I would  be appalled if my husband ever said in public that I “complained” to our pastor about him – the comment was demeaning. But, I have always said it is the liberals who have the war on women, not the Republicans or the conservatives.

Today, CNN is reporting that this is an old video that was already covered in 2007. They are also alleging that conservative media jointly timed the release of this on the eve of the debate. Perhaps they did! However, the lame stream, liberal media jointly failed to report on the most insightful parts of the video back in 2007. There were reporters in the room, and even they were too lazy or incompetent to report on the off script sections of Obama’s speech. Instead, all of the lap dog sheep in the media simply used the transcript provided to them, missing many of the comments that the conservative media introduced to us last night for the first time.

In my opinion, the shock value here is not the video or what Obama said. If you have been watching at all the last few years, you are fully aware of Obama’s beliefs. Rather, the media’s cover-up and lack of reporting on Obama from 2007 through today is, in my view, the unbelievable revelation. Many of us report and complain repeatedly about the main stream media, as I did yesterday with Andrea Mitchell’s comment that the Republicans have prevented the President’s budget from passing.

This is not an old video – we have not seen the entire speech before. We have heard reporting on the transcript and seen portions of the video. This video includes sections that the media present at the speech failed to report on at the time. The joint efforts and collusion were not what the conservative media did last night and are doing today; instead, the liberal, lame stream media cover up of who Obama really is, what he believes, what he has said and what he wants for this country is the shocking, shameful and incredible cover up.

I repeat it on my weekly radio show, in tweets and when I speak with people – the main stream media is not truthful, and we must utilize alternative forms of media to get the truth out to citizens of this nation. Those who vote especially need to have the knowledge that is not provided to them by the main stream media. The events of the last 24 hours, as highlighted on The Brenner Brief, should demonstrate for us now more than ever that we cannot trust the main stream media.

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  1. I wonder if enough of the independents who may still be on the fence about who they will vote for will see this and understand the consequences of this video.

    • Steve, I’m not sure. There are many other videos out there of Obama saying a number of things. Not enough cared in 2008. I think the bigger story is that we finally have tangible evidence of an MSM cover up.


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