Andrea, We’ve Had It With Your Lies

Update: Sign the petition to tell MSNBC to stop lying!

Today on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell commented that President Obama has not had a budget in three years because the Republicans blocked his budget in the Senate. Watch the video – you only need to watch the first minute:

This is the same budget that received a total of zero Democrat votes. This is the same budget that failed in the Senate, 97-0. This is the Senate that is controlled by Democrats!

I immediately sent this tweet regarding the matter:

Then, a Twitter friend provided me with a phone number to call and let the MSNBC vice-president Phillip Griffin know that we are tired of Andrea’s lies, twisting the truth, manipulation of the facts and liberal-biased “reporting.” That phone number is: 212-664-2456. If they transfer you, press 8 and leave a message.

Join me, and call to complain. We cannot allow these media lies to persist any longer. Don’t just change the channel – take action.


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  2. RIGHT. Why are YOU ignoring the fact that the “budget” that the Republicans introduced into the Senate was NOT the exact budget that Obama put together — it was a rough copy of it, a scaled down version, one that was made to resemble the ACTUAL Obama budget, and the ONLY reason the Republicans did this was because they KNEW the Democrats would vote against it (which they did, because it wasn’t THE budget) and they KNEW that all the stupid pundits like you would jump all over it. Ask ANY ONE SINGLE OF THOSE DEMOCRATIC SENATORS if they support Obama’s budget and they will say YES. Why are YOU ignoring that fact? Because you’re putting a SPIN on it and NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. Give me a break. Why don’t YOU stop the lies? Tell the WHOLE story.

    • Julie: The issue here is what Andrea Mitchell said. She stated that the Republicans prevented the budget from being passed in the Senate, and that is absolutely untrue. The Democrats had a super-majority in the Senate, and still have a majority in the Senate today. They can very easily introduce a budget of their own, with or without the Republicans. While I appreciate all of your capitalized words and inference that I’m lying, your points would only be valid if the Republicans had a majority in the Senate.

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  4. So let me get this straight: In short, the Republicans put together a budget, that was “really” a Dem budget, but scaled down so that DEMS would vote on the version that was NOT real, to make it look like they were really voting on the real version, but in reality it WAS really a REPUBLICAN version, which only resembled the ACTUAL Obama budget, because single, Democratic Senators KNEW – yes they KNEW- that stupid pundits would jump on it, and put a spin on the fact that those Democratic Senators say YES, they in fact supported the real, real, REAL budget of Obama that the Dems didn’t vote for because they wanted to “fake out” the Republicans?
    Ok, got that.
    Sara, you are AWEsome lol
    (I couldn’t help myself, forgive me LOL)


  1. […] In my opinion, the shock value here is not the video or what Obama said. If you have been watching at all the last few years, you are fully aware of Obama’s beliefs. Rather, the media’s cover-up and lack of reporting on Obama from 2007 through today is, in my view, the unbelievable revelation. Many of us report and complain repeatedly about the main stream media, as I did yesterday with Andrea Mitchell’s comment that the Republicans have prevented the Preside…. […]

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