The Liberal Femanazi Victims – Democrat Women

Before the opening gavel at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, NC was heard, we all knew that the Democrats would be parading women across the stage at the convention. Their objective would be to show that the Democrats are pro-woman, and the Republicans have a “war on women.” In reality, what the DNC demonstrated is the “liberals war on women” by sending out liberal, femanazi, victimized women all week.

Take Sandra Fluke, for example.

Many women are shut out and silenced. So while I’m honored to be standing at this podium, it easily could have been any one of you. I’m here because I spoke out…

Women are so inept that we are shut out and silenced? Seriously, ladies – how many of you are shut out and silenced in your own home, neighborhood or community? Most women are plenty able to vocalize their own thoughts and opinions, unless they have someone else oppressing their viewpoints (frequently a loud, liberal male). Sandra Fluke just wanted her voice to be made louder than others, so she bullied her way right through.

And there was Elizabeth Warren:

People feel like the system is rigged against them. And here’s the painful part: they’re right. The system is rigged. Look around.

Note the tense — “is rigged,” present tense. Why, Elizabeth, would you be supporting a President who has led and continued a system you believe is “rigged?” Rigged against women, the middle class, poor people, sick people — every kind of person. We’re all victims of this rigged system, that Obama has continued over the last 3 1/2 years, but let’s re-elect him so he can fix it since he hasn’t yet.

Sen. Mikulski also paints women as victims:

And equal pay for equal work is an American issue. The 77 cents that women make for every dollar men earn makes a real difference to our families—families stretching to make every dollar count.

Actually, women cost most businesses more to employ. If you look at the simple, economic basis for it, BusinessWeek explains the reasons for the difference:

…Women are more likely than men to fall off the career track when they have children. They take time off and lose skills, or they opt for less-demanding jobs so they can spend more time at home. Most fathers, in contrast, manage to skate through parenthood without the slightest harm to their careers.

A woman who leaves the workforce costs that business clients, interviewing time, hiring time, training time, learning-curve time, and other resources to find a replacement. All of that time is money. Businesses exist to earn money, and to charge (or pay) based on the bottom line.

The article also explains that, when adjusting for education and experience, women are usually paid approximately 91% of what men are paid — not the 77% number we are frequently told. Do I support a woman being paid the same as a man? Absolutely! However, we also have to understand that a woman is “more expensive” in pure economic terms, and that’s just the untold truth. Perhaps this is why women are more likely to start small businesses than men — but I suppose these female risk taker entrepreneurs are weak women who need the Democrat party to help them succeed.

The speeches from the women at the DNC were from liberal women who want the right to choose to abort a baby in the ninth month, but who don’t want us to be able to choose what size slurpy we order from a food vendor. The women who spoke were femanazis who believe that we are the same as men in every way, lacking special, differentiating qualities that make us different from men in honorable, respectful ways. And, the women all spoke from the perspective of a victim – someone who can’t do it on her own without her government, her Democrat party and her whining. These are women who want equal pay, but special treatment. They want the right to “choose,” but not the right to make a variety of a choices in life. They want to be respected by men, but want to punish men for not treating them fairly (or as the superior being) throughout the years.

In the Republican party, women and families are respected, celebrated, supported and given a hand up instead of a hand out. Any woman who wants to be independent, rather than rely on “her man” (or “her government”) for everything, should be and vote Republican. Otherwise, you are only creating another victimization and second class ranking for women – by the Democrat party that uses women to lift up only the party, not women. It seems the base of the Democrat party these days is reliant upon government and thereby re-electing Democrat officials, rather than working to become independent from the system and the party apparatus for their survival.

The victimization of women is happening through the liberals war on women – one that makes women victims, dependent, reliant and despised by their male counterparts. These are liberal, femanazi, victimized women of the DNC. And frankly, I want no part.


  1. I love this. You are absolutely right. Liberal women almost pride themselves on labeling the entire gender as victims. And, although they claim to want equality with men, they really want superiority. They begrudge their biological makeup (for some reason), and strive to use outside factors as a way of rising above the ‘evil’ men. It’s disgusting, frankly. Great post!!

  2. Great Post! Sandra Fluke for one that simply makes my eyes and ears bleed! Her views on “free” birth control makes no sense. What a shocker. First, BC pills simply protect women from pregnancy. What about disease? We truly want to protect women, it would be free condoms for life to MEN!! Aids and sexually transmitted diseases have decreased in Africa since this has taken place. Second, I agree with you re: the dependency. So, in the pre 1970’s we were dep. upon our husbands. In 2012, we are dependent upon government. Don’t believe me…just ask the Obama Administration’s Julia…she gets government support from birth to death! Third, SF fails to take into account that more women are educated with college degrees and master level degrees and we are out earning men in many areas.

    If Sandra Fluke is the best they can do, they better go back and scrape the bottom of that barrel again!

    Also, Elizabeth Warren should be explaining why she is down 8 points in her senate run against a Republican in a state that boasts it only has 15 percent Repubs for the state!

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  1. […] Sandra Fluke — speaking of women who don’t represent me, this slut (yes, I call ‘em as I see ‘em) was also given a prominent role as an orator at this freak show, as if listening to her testify about her sex life to Congress hadn’t been demeaning enough. Tell me Sandra, why do liberals constantly whine about the government staying out of their bedrooms, yet simultaneously demand that said government raid the wallets of taxpayers to fund the precautions and consequences of your personal decisions? If you and your liberal sisters are indeed so powerful and liberated, why can’t you pay for your own birth control? Personally, I don’t give a damn if Sandra sleeps with every guy on the planet, but I do care that she refuses to take responsibility for her own personal choices. […]

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