Romney/Ryan and the Messaging Problem


Who was my first choice for VP? Marco Rubio. I believe his being young, Hispanic, lively, articulate and engaging would be best for the Romney ticket given the demographics Romney must win over. This is strictly a political observation. Do I like Paul Ryan? Absolutely. He’s brazen, intelligent, creative, thoughtful and a true leader. But, there’s a problem. And it isn’t Paul Ryan.


The Obama administration and its cronies have already coined Paul Ryan’s budget plan as shoving grandma over the cliff. Unfortunately, Ryan and the Republicans never fought back enough to change the perception of what Ryan’s plan really was, or what it would change. The Republicans have the best candidates and the greatest ideas, but we seem to have horrible messaging. Even politically active, Republican seniors with whom I have spoken think that Ryan’s plan would leave them without social security or medicare. We’ve lost the messaging war already!


Official portrait of Congressman .

Paul Ryan


The Democrat machine is coming out to do the same smear campaign on Ryan all over again. What will the Romney campaign do? If they handle this in the same manner as the tax returns or any other anti-Romney slams, this ticket is not going to be victorious in November. Romney has to unleash Ryan to go to the media, town halls and in any method he can find to engage and convince voters about his plan — the truth. He can argue his budget in his sleep. When he’s on point, he’s superb – one of the best, and the opposite of Romney’s often doldrum persona. Americans aren’t stupid, but they do very quickly buy in to emotional scare tactics about losing their health coverage and grandpa eating dog food. The Democrats continue down this path because the Republicans do not fight back aggressively, specifically and directly, so they know it is an area in which they can decisively win.


Romney has to allow Ryan to fight this battle with everything he has if this ticket will be moving in to the White House in January. Off with the mittens, Mitt!


I’ll be in Chillicothe, OH on Tuesday to cover the Romney/Paul event. If you will be too, let me know here.


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