The Brenner Brief Talk Show – July 30, 2012

If you missed Monday night’s interview with David Limbaugh, you can listen to the radio show online any time. It was a wonderful show, and David was gracious enough to provide a 1 hour interview to Sara.

Extra Audio for Newsletter Subscribers: Some of the audio was edited and cut due to the time limits, but one of the greatest questions — about why we should support Mitt Romney this fall, and a little back and forth debate between David and Sara, was held as “extra” audio. We are pleased to announce that this has been released to our newsletter subscribers only! This will be sent out at 11am ET on Thursday, August 2, 2012 — subscribe to the newsletter to receive these additional 10 minutes of interview time! We hope you enjoy these additional minutes from the David Limbaugh interview.

If you subscribe to the newsletter after the date and time above but would like to receive the additional audio, please contact us.

Some of the Twitter feedback from the interview and show included:
– @minuramsey: @saramarietweets #BrennerBrief Already signed up for the newsletter. U lady are a Patriot! Thank you soooo much || excellent show, if you guys are not listening you are missing!
‏- @trigofarm: @saramarietweets #brennerbrief Thank you for your good work! David Limbaugh was a great interview, you both brought out good in each of you.
– @redpillreport: Great show tonight, @saramarietweets! Loved every minute of it. Well done! @DavidLimbaugh #BrennerBrief
– @rightatheart: @saramarietweets Great show tonight! I will be buying @DavidLimbaugh’s book. See ya next Monday. #brennerbrief 🙂
– @minuramsey: @saramarietweets #BrennerBrief it was an awesome show! @DavidLimbaugh interview was a home run!

And of course, this exchange:
– @SteelBackbone: @saramarietweets Great Show!
– ‏@saramarietweets: I appreciate that so much, thank you! RT @SteelBackbone @saramarietweets Great Show! #BrennerBrief @DavidLimbaugh
– @SteelBackbone: @saramarietweets Your very welcome,just keep on doin what your doin Sara! 🙂 @DavidLimbaugh &thank you Mr.Limbaugh
-@DavidLimbaugh: @SteelBackbone @saramarietweets Thank you both.

Thank you, David Limbaugh!

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