Taking Obama to School: “You Didn’t Build That”




When Obama said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that,” anyone watching could clearly understand what he meant — if you have a business, you did not build it! The government gave you life, and everything around you is thanks to the government (yes, using a tad bit of hyperbole to make a point).

Let’s recall- Barack Obama is the smartest person ever to ascend to the Presidency. Given that, Obama must know that his pronoun, “that,” referred to the most recent noun, or antecedent, “business.” A real-life example could be this conversation….

STORE CLERK: Which of these dresses would you like to purchase?
YOU: That one, and that one please.
CLERK: Great, I’ll ring them up.
YOU: Why are you ringing up those dresses? I don’t want those, I was talking about the shoes.

After the story broke, the liberal lame-stream media came out to tell us what Obama really meant. Of course, any logical person watching would understand that there was a deeper meaning to what Obama meant, and somehow that was part of his vast intellectual capabilities that the right-wing is too stupid to understand.

Are we now supposed to be clairvoyant and understand that when Obama speaks and uses a pronoun, it is actually referencing something else — something not even in his statement? Is the world’s smartest leader really incapable of forming a sentence that grammatically makes sense? Of course not. Obama meant what he said. The nation will continue to better understand Obama every time he goes off teleprompter.






  1. insightful & scary as hell

  2. Not to mention, even if the sentence was about how you didn’t build your own infrastructure, the paragraph as a whole absolute was about how you didn’t build your own business.

    The statement gave all the credit to roads and bridges and teachers and discredited hard work and ingenuity as being somehow a common thing. The irony being that roads and schools actually ARE a universal attribute, something available not only for shipping goods but also for going down to the pub for a pint.

    • And, roads/bridges are available in tyrannical, socialist, Marxist and communist countries where the private sector isn’t successful. Roads and bridges have nothing to do with it!

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