The Case (thousands of them, actually) for Voter ID Laws

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  1. We in SC also had our voter ID law struck down by the DOJ. But the last time I voted, I still had to show my ID. Our state also gives state issued ID’s away for free if you can’t afford the five dollar fee.

  2. And the same DOJ where you have to show ID to get in the door.

  3. Most states provide an official state ID at no cost. With nearly 4 full months until the general election, there is absolutely no excuse for not getting one. Those claiming it’s a hardship are clearly resisting common-sense measures aimed at protecting the integrity of a sacred process–the voting process. I wonder why they would resist such an effort. Actually…I don’t.

  4. Your argument here is based on the premise that it is “possible” for voters to commit fraud easily but actual cases have been shown to be few and far between. (note; I’m going to add a link to this later, I believe the states involved are Colorado, N. Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and New Jersey) A recent AP article questioned officials in 7 states with voter rolls of around 80 million who were currently investigating possible voter fraud cases in the past 3 years. They found approx. 200-300 cases, however, further detailed investigation at the local level whittled that down to only 28 cases where anyone had actually voted … 28!. Investigations out of Wisconsin
    and Florida are still ongoing.

    Now to address the “free” ID’s available in your state (Ohio) and Pa. Let’s take Pa. first. As of last Thursday, former Governor Ed Reindel has found that because of severely limited DMV personnel and resources, only 600 or so ID’s have actually been sent out and it is estimated that even adding Saturday hours from now up to November, the final total of new ID’s created will be under 10,000, leaving about 70-80 thousand “ID” less In your state, according to a recent Rachel Maddow show interview with an election official, processing of these “free” ID’s are backed up so much so that it’s estimated half will not get them in time…so my answer is since there were only 28 actual cases in states totaling 81 million voters, what’s the rush …Sure, I’m for it since you say the potential is there and I’m not able to prove otherwise, so let’s say I go with your premise that it’s too easy to cheat but seeing how these “new” laws take time to gear up the staff to implement things, we put a more reasonable time limit on the rules, say 2013 or 2014…

    • Thomas, thank you for your comment. You won’t be surprised to learn that I disagree with your assertions. I explain in the column that there are literally thousands of voter fraud cases, and provide links.

      In addition, part of the problem in PA is that the entire process was delayed due to law suits and the Democrats in that state originally telling me they would overturn the law, so people didn’t have to worry about ID. Now they’ve changed their tune and everyone is rushing. I would not be opposed, personally, to its implementation in 2014 if it’s shown that too many don’t have the necessary ID this time. Although, having passed the bill months ago, people have had ample time.

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