Obama to Brewer: "Drop Dead!"

Earlier this week, the Court released a ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 – the law that would allow the Arizona police to ask for someone’s papers if they are stopped for otherwise breaking the law and may be illegal. Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer has said that this is the “heart of the bill,” even though some other parts of the bill were struck down by the Court. 

Then suddenly, President Barack Obama decided that he was going to cut off the relationship with Arizona that allowed for the federal government to deport illegals when the state contacts ICE or other authorities. In other words, illegals, come to Arizona because we can’t send you back! To top it off, AG Holder’s office established a tattle-tail phone number and email address where you can report any violations of civil liberties. So now, not only will the illegal not be deported, but the cop who asked for his/her papers could be thrown in jail by the feds for civil rights violations (even though Arizona would have been upholding the law that the SCOTUS just ruled to be acceptable).

Last night on Greta Van Susteran’s show on Fox News, Gov. Jan Brewer spoke with Greta about her feelings. The conversation went like this (video available here):

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, no sooner had you heard the news that there was a ruling and you that at least had won on one provision, suddenly, you learn the news that the agreement, what’s called a 287G agreement, has been cut off. Tell me your thoughts.
BREWER: Well, I was shocked. I was outraged. I thought, you know, this is politics at its best. Here we had just received a unanimous vote from the highest court in the land upholding the heart of Senate bill 1070, and then three hours later, we got notification that they had rescinded our 287G privileges, so that law enforcement could not use the data system to verify illegal immigration, the status of people that were stopped, if you will, in the process of committing a crime.
You know, it was just unbelievable that they would distort the law, thwart the opinion of the Supreme Court. The bottom line is, is that, you know, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but you know, from the beginning, they have downplayed the border situation that Arizona faces on a daily basis in regards to security. They have certainly ignored our pleas for them to do the job. They sued Arizona for trying, for me for trying to protect the citizens of Arizona.
And then they came out last week and reversed the amnesty position with what I called back-door amnesty, giving illegal immigrants temporary working status. And now today to rescind the 287G.
I would think that the American people would think long and deep about what the federal government is doing and why aren’t they abiding by the rule of law. It’s just unconscionable. What they said to Arizona is, Drop dead, Arizona, drop dead and go away. We’re going to ignore you.
VAN SUSTEREN: Is Arizona the only state that you know of that’s had the 287G agreement stopped today?

BREWER: Yes, it is. We verified that and checked, and Arizona is the only state that it was rescinded on. 

What? The Obama administration selected one state – Arizona – and cut ties with them on this important issue for a border state? 

For the last several days, I’ve been asking many of my conservative Twitter friends what they think about the healthcare ruling – what it will be, how Obama will react and what it will mean for us. Many people are responding that they are concerned about what Obama will do, and whether he will find a way to wiggle out of whatever the ruling is. If that happens, he’ll be saying “Drop Dead America” – not just to Arizona. Given what he and AG Holder are doing with Arizona, I can only imagine. I don’t think I’ve ever had a time in my life when I wasn’t sure that the President of United States would abide by a Supreme Court ruling, but just look at Arizona — if he can’t win in court, he’ll clearly do whatever he has to do with his czars, regulations and orders to get his way. 

The Supreme Court has ruled, and instead of Obama following the ruling he is making it nearly impossible for Arizona to enforce the immigration laws. He has always claimed immigration and border control are a federal responsibility, not something the states should deal with on their own. Now he is saying, in essence, “we don’t have any immigration or border control laws in Arizona! Hey illegals – come on in, and you won’t get deported! And, while you’re at it, make sure you cross the river between Arizona’s borders!” 

It seems Obama has completely ruled out Arizona considering that a 2010 Rasmussen poll showed that 70% of Arizona’s residents support the law. Nationally, another poll shows that 60% support police being able to ask someone for their documentation. It seems that 60% of the nation support being able to uphold the immigration laws of this country, and Obama doesn’t. Does he really think all of these illegals are going to be able to vote? Is that his ultimate plan? And if not, why is he so blatantly telling Arizona to “drop dead” instead of fixing the border problem?

Obama has told the Constitution, SCOTUS, and Arizona’s residents, Governor, House, Senate and police to “go away … we are going to ignore you.” This November, we need to send the message to Obama that it’s time for him to “go away,” too. Until then, we can’t risk “ignoring him” — we need to work together to spread the word and make sure we return a President to the White House who has respect for state’s rights, the Constitution and freedom.

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