Government Consolidation "Best Practices" Released by Gov. John Kasich

Recently, Governor John Kasich released a Shared Services Action Plan at Having myself made a presentation to Powell City Council in February 2011 on this exact topic, I am thrilled to learn of this new site and what it can mean for local and county public entities throughout the state. There was not much buy in from other council members last year, but perhaps the Governor’s new report will help to demonstrate that this is already happening elsewhere, and that options are available.

If you view the Promising Practices and Examples in the report, there are many wonderful examples of other entities in Ohio that have worked together to consolidate and save taxpayer dollars. Based on the examples listed, I would encourage the City of Powell, where I serve as a Councilwoman, to consider several of these recommendations where it would cut duplication, increase efficiency and save money.

Now of course, it is important that if any consolidation measures take place that they save taxpayer dollars while also keeping the same or similar element of service. Should either one of those criteria not be met, the idea is not likely to gain support. However, other entities throughout the state are proving this is possible and that is saves money. 

In a recent survey conducted by the City of Powell, 50% of those polled stated that they would like to see us pay for capital improvements by further cutting costs. Studying the ideas set forth in this report would be a terrific start.

If you live in Powell and have any thoughts to share on this subject, please contact me.

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