Presentation on Privatization and Consolidation

View the Privatization & Consolidation slides I presented to Council on February 8, 2011 here.

The Statehouse is encouraging consolidation. Residents and others will be happy to see that services can remain similar or get better by consolidating services. Other cities and counties in Ohio have done this and it has worked well for them. One example I learned about recently is Coshocton (, which is a City, but folded their police force into the county to save money. Municipalities do not have to have their own police force – that is an inaccurate assumption.

Also, a study in 1997 (article: shows that consolidation has many advantages, including:

  • more effective delivery of police services;
  • eliminating duplication of services;
  • provision of services previously unavailable, such as centralized record keeping, crime laboratories, and other specialized services;
  • better trained personnel;
  • lower personnel turnover rate due to increased opportunities within the larger department;
  • costs for equipment are reduced (purchasing in bulk);
  • hiring can become more efficient;
  • lower insurance costs;
  • opportunity for innovation.

From that article, here is a full list of the cities cited as having consolidated their police and Sheriff:
Cities/Counties that merged /  Internet Information Source
Anaconda – Deer Lodge Co., MT / San Antonio study
Athens – Clarke Co., GA / San Antonio study
Augusta – Richmond Co., GA / San Antonio study
Baton Rouge – East Baton Rouge, LA / San Antonio study
Columbus – Muscogee Co., GA / San Antonio study
Indianapolis – Marion Co., IN / San Antonio study
Jacksonville – Duval Co., FL / San Antonio study
Lexington – Fayette Co., KY / San Antonio study
Nashville – Davidson Co., TN / San Antonio study
Compton – Los Anglese Co., CA / Compton Police website
Las Vegas – Clark Co., NV / Salt Lake Tribune; Cincinatti Enquirer
Hawkinsville – Pulaski Co., GA / GA State Bill HB 197
Bessemer City – Gaston Co., NC / Gaston Gazette
Charlotte – Mecklenburg Co., NC / Gaston Gazette; Cincinatti Enquirer
Draper, Taylorsville, etc. – Salt Lake Co., UT / Salt Lake Tribune
Sunnyvale – Dallas Co., TX / Salt Lake Tribune
Several cities – Westchester Co., NY / Times Herald Record
Several cities – Suffolk Co., NY / Times Herald Record
Several cities – Nassau Co., NY / Times Herald Record
Cities/Counties considering merging
San Antonio – Bexar Co., TX / San Antonio Study
Corpus Christi – Nueces Co., TX / San Antonio study
Tallahassee – Leon Co., FL / San Antonio study
Los Angeles – Los Angeles Co., CA / County POA newsletter, CBS Channel 2000, Pierce College Roundup, etc.
Atlanta – Fulton Co., GA / Research Atlanta, Inc.; Central Atlanta Action Plan
St. Petersburg – Pinellas Co., FL / St. Petersburg Times
Grand Island – Hall Co., NE / The Independent
Gastonia – Gaston Co., NC / Gaston Gazette
Salt Lake City – Salt Lake Co., UT / Salt Lake Tribune
New Orleans – New Orleans Parish, LA / Salt Lake Tribune
Grover Beach – San Luis Obispo Co., CA / The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Buffalo – Erie Co., NY / Buffalo Renaissance Foundation
Louisville – Jefferson Co., KY / Cincinatti Enquirer
Burlington – Boone Co., KY / Cincinatti Enquirer
Durham – Durham Co., NC / The Durham Chronicle
Several cities – Ulster Co., NY / Times Herald Record

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