The Turnip is Running Out of Blood

This is horrific. Congress is going to raise the debt ceiling, which many of us believe is a huge travesty. Where is some of this money going? Checkout these two articles. Federal employees are earning twice that of their private sector counterparts!

Who’s running the country – the government, or the private sector? Who is driving innovation – the government, or the private sector?
Ask yourself…is this the right thing for our government to be doing? If you agree with me that it’s not, ask this question of the candidates next time you vote. Get the answer.
We need candidates for higher office who have experience in both the private sector and in government so that they understand both aspects and can help keep government spending under control by comparing to the private sector.
We need candidates for higher office who have experience cutting budgets, not just in the private sector, but also working through the government red tape to cut budgets and save us money as taxpayers.
I believe we should compare government jobs – jobs within cities, counties, etc. – to the private sector. Why should taxpayers be paying more for someone who works in the government than an equal position in the private sector? It’s wrong, and it should stop.
And, if you agree with me, I hope you will help me at the local level in Powell in my new position on Council. The spending cuts, or freezes at the least, have to start somewhere. Government bloating itself far beyond the private sector has to stop. The private sector and everyday citizens cannot be sucked dry with higher taxes.
At some point, you can’t get blood out of a turnip.

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