The 4th Option

A few days ago, I received a questionnaire from a women’s business organization. One of the questions was regarding health care, and what I thought, as a female business owner, was the right position for the organization to support. The three options were basically: 1) pass a bill with no public option; 2) pass a bill with a public option; or 3) do not pass a bill.

What about the 4th option? 4) Take the best health care system in the world, and just plug the holes.
That 4th option was not on the questionnaire.
The fifth question is: why not? Why don’t people understand that there is another way to resolve this healthcare debacle that isn’t even being considered? Of course, the more thorough, less expensive, less government option isn’t even being explored by the big government, pro-trial lawyer, “government is the answer,” SEIU-bribed, Democrat (not democratic) Congress.
First of all, let’s remember that some of the uninsured either do not want healthcare by choice, are illegals here in this country and should not be given healthcare by citizens’ taxpayer dollars, or are wealthy and do not find it necessary to have the insurance. That being said, here are a few things that could be done for much less money and without creating more government:
  • Reform medicaid to allow more people to be covered by it, and get rid of the waste in it
  • Reform S-CHIP (state children’s health insurance program) to include more children whose parents cannot afford health care that could then cover their children
  • Do not take away the free choice of some to choose not to purchase insurance — no mandates to require everyone to have insurance by force (or, according to the legislation, be jailed due to the IRS overseeing this mandate)
  • Provide tax credits to low and moderate income workers to purchase health insurance on their own, or perhaps give them access to Medicaid
  • Permit the purchase of health insurance across state lines to increase competition
  • Allow associations (chambers of commerce, NFIB, NAWBO, etc.) to create pools for health insurance
  • Do not allow people to be excluded due to pre-existing conditions or have their coverage dropped/cancelled when they become sick
  • Allow employees to keep their insurance when they change jobs or lose their current job
  • Keep decisions between the doctor and patient (not some commission in D.C.)
  • Allow seniors to live in their homes when they can, not be forced into a retirement center or nursing home
I realize this isn’t everything, and I realize these are not all of the answers. However, I think it’s important for someone to finally explain… There is a 4th option! Our choices are not a horrible bill with a public option, a horrible bill without a public option, or no bill at all. There is a 4th option!
Now, if only our Representatives and Senators in D.C. understood that…


  1. You are so right, Sara. The fourth option is the ONLY one worth considering. It is reprehensible that our elected leaders will only consider a plan that their constituents clearly don't want, the country can't afford, that won't work, and that will further decimate our economy,and then tax US to pay for it. These people should not be in office in this country. They are supposed to be representing the American people, and that does not even seem to be a consideraton in their decision-making. In fact, they exhibit great disdain for the people they were elected to serve.The Founding Fathers of this country literally risked their lives in order to frame our Constitution and create the United States of America. Today, we have a Senate and Congress full of elected leaders who aren't even brave enough to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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