Ohio Young Republicans

Today, the Ohio Young Republicans (OYRs) are meeting in Toledo, OH to elect the new leadership for the organization. I am privileged to have been elected the Southeast Ohio Regional Vice-Chair for the OYRs. This is a part of the state where the OYRs really need to build new clubs to reach out to the younger demographic. I am honored to have been asked to serve this region of the state to charter and build new clubs, and look forward to it!

Ohio Young Republicans provide so much to the party in terms of grassroots support, and we do a lot of work for candidates. OYRs aren’t the party of tomorrow, we are the party of today! Young Republicans, such as myself, are running for office and are in leadership positions all across the state and nation. We are also excited that our now former OYR State Chair, Lisa Stickan, was elected National Young Republican Federation Co-Chair at the national convention this summer in Indianapolis.
For more information, visit www.ohioyr.org

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