The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left

We all remember when the Big 3 executives flew to D.C. to ask for money, and they were ridiculed for not having driven there. Major corporations all across the country and being pressured into selling their corporate jets. The Economist has an article about what companies have been selling their jets, and there are some other examples in articles on CNBC’s website, a Seattle-based site, and others — just Google it. You can even look at all the used aircraft for sale!

After all the criticism corporations received for this, guess what our hypocritical Congress is doing? Take a look at the story from And these aren’t used airplanes, they’re brand new.
In another note of craziness, Citi, a company that has received billions from you and me, wanted to buy a $50 million jet. What?!?! Of course, it was later canceled under pressure from Obama.
And some want these geniuses running our health care system? I don’t think so.

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