Obama-Pelosi Health Care

Have you seen this flowchart?

If not, take a close look, because if Obama-Pelosi Health care passes, this is the tangled maze of bureaucrats through which you’ll have to weave to get any “care” through this new system!
Check out the Center for Health Transformation. They have an idea…cut the waste and fraud first! Gee, how ingenious. Too bad the Democrats who completely control D.C. cannot figure that out. Instead, they would rather ration care (which they will have to do to serve all the new people who will be added to the roles, some involuntarily), not save any money (the Congressional Budget Office is saying Obama-Pelosi Care will save a whopping $2B over 10 years…that’s not change I can believe in!), force small businesses out of business (money doesn’t grow on trees, so these penalties small businesses will have to pay will have to come from either raising prices and/or laying off people), reduce the number of doctors (have you heard and seen all the doctors who are saying they’re going to leave the medical field if this passes?) and be the largest tax increase on record (unless they just decide to get the trillions of dollars from printing more money!). Does that sound like a sustainable program to you?
Of course, I agree that the health care system needs to be tweaked. In fact, I have personal experience with this with a test my doctor suggested and “prescribed” over a year ago, that Anthem denied. The insurance companies don’t have any motivation to keep you healthy, and the drug companies make money when they keep you alive but sick. I don’t disagree at all that the motivational factors for the health insurance companies need adjusted, but taking what is the best health care system in the world and making it like the system in Canada or the U.K. is not the way to do it.
Shift the fundamental perspective to preventative care. Provide incentives for health insurance companies, drug manufacturers and doctors to keep us healthy instead of just keeping us numb, sick and alive. And, when someone like myself has a test they is recommended that is definitely preventative care, don’t deny it.
So yes, I agree that health care needs tweaking, but for goodness sakes – don’t through the baby out with the bath water!
Remember, you can help stop this horrible legislation in Congress. To fax, email or phone your congressman or senators, see below:


  1. "Democrat Leadership Partners With Rube Goldberg on Healthcare"…The first thing I noticed about this chart is that once you enter into it there is no way out. Your health will be held hostage by bureaucrats. With every paycheck you earn you will pay a ransom in the form of taxes, yet freedom will never come to you. This maze is our destiny if the current healthcare bill passes into law. After further study of this “flow chart”, it did reveal something interesting. If the plan on the chart works as it is laid out, right about where the chart says “consumers” is where the Road Runner gets hit with a really big rock.

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