Women Out to Make a Difference!

I am so excited about the first meeting of the newly formed Central Ohio Republican Women. We have about 20 members and have our first meeting on July 27th at 7pm. If you’re interested, please contact me for the location — come and see what we’re all about! We have some really neat things planned for women who want to get involved in their communities and politics, with a unified front for women in the Republican Party.

  • Monthly Meetings: The 4th Monday of every month at 7pm! Child care is available at our venue for just $7/child for 2 hours. So, don’t worry about a sitter…just come and join us!
  • Fundraising Activities: We plan to raise funds for candidates, but also for local charities.
  • Charitable Contributions: We will select a charity or multiple charities to volunteer and raise funds for.
  • Mentorship Program: We plan to reach out to young women in high school and college to provide them with leadership programs and service opportunities, all while showing them why the GOP is the party for them.
And remember what WOMEN stands for!
  WWin! Help our candidates win elections. This will be done through being an integral part of local, county, state-wide and national campaigns.

  OOrganize for the GOP candidates and parties in Central Ohio to get the job done. We all know that women can get the organizational jobs done the best! We will volunteer for campaigns and help candidates organize and execute.
  MMentor young women to grow up with our values and become strong, Republican women themselves. This will include reaching out to our children, grandchildren, and college/high school students to educate them about the Republican Party and the importance of community service.
  EEncourage one another by building friendships and having fun with regular events. We will be a group that gets along with one another and truly works together as a unit.
  NNurture others by giving back in our communities, including selecting a charity each year to assist and support. This way, we can do good for others in our community.

We will do all of this while giving a public, positive face to the GOP for women! If you’re looking fore more information, please visit www.corw.org. More to come!!!


  1. Hi Cheri,I am completely supportive of other clubs and have in fact reached out to them so that we can hold joint events and work together. I hope to hear from them soon.The need for another club is for several reasons. First, regular meetings are important so that you can be active and plan, and most clubs in Central Ohio do not have regular meetings. Second, regarding the Delaware County Club, they do not participate in the Federation's activities. I know this because I attend them, and I am the only person from Delaware County there and hear of these events not through the Delaware Club, but through my own research. In addition, I believe there is much that can be done to reach out to young women to bring them into the party and Central Ohio Republican Women is working on that.Each club has their emphasis, and the Delaware Club and others have their emphases. For those like myself, however, who want to be involved in the Federation, have regular meetings, etc., there was not a club meeting those needs. We now have nearly 30 members in CORW so it is evident there are many other women who feel the same.I do hope that the other groups will work with us so that we can all be greater in number, as you mention! For the detailed activities, though, CORW looks forward to participating in the Federation's activities, mentorship of young women, monthly meetings with speakers, outreach to the community and other activities/events on a very regular basis on behalf of the GOP.I hope this has answered your question. If not, please contact me directly.Thanks!Sara Marie Brennerfor more info: http://www.corw.org

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