Ohio Wising Up to Obama

Finally!!! A minority of Ohioans support the job that Obama is doing as President. In a recent Quinnipiac Poll completed on July 1st, only 49% of Ohioans support the job that President Obama is doing in office, down from 62% approval in early May. The press release from Quinnipiac states that this is “considered by many to be the most important swing state in a presidential election” and this is “Obama’s lowest approval rating in any national or statewide Quinnipiac University poll since he was inaugurated…”

Wonderful! Is it possible that Ohioans, and Americans, are finally wising up to Obama’s centrist campaign but incredibly left-wing presidency? According to the poll, 48% of Ohioans polled disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy. This is down from 57% in early May. Better yet for the Republican candidate for Governor, John Kasich, this newest poll shows that 66% of voters in Ohio are “somewhat dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with the direction in which the state is heading, leaving only 33% to be “very” or “somewhat satisfied.”
Is it possible that the independent voters, who won Ohio for Obama, are figuring out that his ideas aren’t working, and that he isn’t change we can believe in? Is it possible that the moderate voters who were trusting what Obama said in his speeches (despite that fact that his life proved otherwise) are realizing that he isn’t governing from the center in a bi-partisan manner like they had hoped? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Now this is something we can believe in! Remember, this same poll shows that 48% of Ohioans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy. That stimulus package that went for all kinds of wasteful projects (see some of them on a click from Hannity’s show on YouTube) didn’t actually create jobs. Just this past week, CNN showed a chart on the Sunday talk show “State of the Union” showing that the GDP shrank 5.5% in the last quarter compared to Obama’s estimated 1.5%, in addition to his being way off on unemployment numbers and number of jobs being created. The stimulus just simply isn’t working!
Why does all of this matter? For those of you who are told that your beliefs are not correct because it’s not what Obama supports and says, GOOD!! You have a lot of people who agree with you completely! It’s difficult sometimes to continue stating how you really feel when you don’t think that anyone agrees with you, but know from this poll that you have support here in Ohio and throughout the nation. Even the U.S. Senate (Fisher or Brunner vs. Portman) race, which is slightly tipping toward the Dems right now, has nearly a third of the voters undecided. We need to make it our job to educate them! Make sure they understood that the economy grows under Republican governance (i.e. smaller government and lower taxes…yes, there are exception like G.W. Bush, but this is a generality), tax cuts are proven to work and wasteful spending never works. Tell all your friends and know that you have a strong sector of the population supporting you!
If you’re interested in seeing all the information, you can download the entire Quinnipiac University poll here: Complete Quinnipiac Poll. Take a look!
So, the next time someone tells you the vast majority of Americans or Ohioans support Obama and you don’t know what you’re talking about, you can tell them, with facts to back you up, that they’re wrong!

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