Recipe for the GOP’s Resurgence and Continued Victory

In a recent Gallup poll, conservatives were found to be the largest ideological group. The conservative-bashing groups of the world will hate to hear that the conservatives came in at 40% and liberals at only 21%. The poll also explains that 22% of Democrats consider themselves conservative, while only 3% of Republicans consider themselves liberal. And, “close to half of political independents — 45% — describe their political views as “moderate.” Among the rest, the balance of views is tilted more heavily to the right than to the left…”

My questions are these: 
  • Why do 22% of Democrats who clearly are conservatives not consider themselves to be Republicans, or at least Independents? Of course, many, including myself, can argue that the Republican Party is no longer the party of the conservative because my party broke its promise to the American people to keep government small. However, one can also argue that the Republicans are trying to come back home and get it right finally, working to stop the growth of government at the federal, state and local level. 
  • If 40% of the population is conservative and the majority of the independents lean conservative, what does the Republican Party have to do to earn and keep their voting loyalty? Obviously, the Republican Party needs to go back to its roots of conservatism, and then stay true to it. GOP candidates can’t run on one thing and do something else once in office.
The Republican Party clearly needs to redefine itself as the party of the conservatives, and attract the 35% who consider themselves moderates through logical arguments that clearly are the best for the people. Most moderates tend to be fiscally conservative and socially a bit more liberal, not feeling comfortable in either party. However, if a moderate has to choose between tax cuts and gay marriage, the fiscal policy is going to trump the social issue, in most cases (with the exception of some social issues that insight a lot of emotion among specific groups, like abortion).

I spoke with a young lady I met a few nights ago about her political beliefs. She is African-American, in college, working, and very conservative (pro-life, supports tax cuts, wants to encourage companies to come to Ohio to bring jobs, etc.). However, she is a Democrat. We couldn’t find a single belief typically considered to be a Democratic belief that she agreed with. She’s a conservative, but a registered Democrat, apparently falling into that 22%! Why is this? Why does she think that her beliefs are best represented by the Democrat party when in actuality everything that she believes in is a Republican principle? The GOP has failed to properly educate people about the differences between the parties. 

The GOP needs to do a better of job of articulating its platform clearly and succinctly, and then it needs to uphold it election after election. We can’t allow the party to get fat, happy and lazy again and permit the expansion of government in good times and then complain about the growth of government from the minority. The party must have a clear vision, communicate it simply with a KISS (K.I.S.S. = keep it simple stupid!!!) approach, and then once we’re in office we have to kick ourselves and keep our promises. 

Clearly, the population agrees with us on philosophy, but we have to practice what we preach once we’re in office in order to earn and keep the votes and support of the conservatives and the right-leaning moderates.


  1. The Republican party has it all wrong. They are trying to create change from the top down, this strategy is weak and it is part of the reason the Democrats won the White House. Grassroots movements will make the party and represent the ideas of the people who support the party. There is a great disconnect between the Conservative people and the Republican Party.

  2. There IS a disconnect but there doesn't have to be. The Republicans are certainly the more conservative of the two historically. My posting was explaining how we can bridge the conservative – Republican divide for the future!

  3. Maybe you misunderstood my post. My post was also about the disconnect and how to change it. The RNC strategy is all wrong right now. The RNC is focused on trying to change things on the top level rather than focusing on the local level with grassroots campaigns. They need to focus on the people again and see where the people are, if they hope to have a canidate/president that people are truly behind. People are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

  4. I'm sorry for the delay in getting your comment posted. I have been out of town traveling!You are right that it is wrong, and I was attempting to explain in my posting how I believe it needs to change to bridge that divide and change the focus of the party. Individual candidates also need to do exactly as you suggest.Also, please remember to post your name. While your Google name posts, your name does not, and I want to keep my promise to make sure these are not anonymous. Thank you!

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