Iran & Israel: What’s Going to Happen?

I was watching MSNBC yesterday, and it amazed me how Andrea Mitchell was acting like the Iranian elections are “real.” The Clerics support Ahmedinejad, and these explanations of a run-off election if it’s close and other democratic sounding processes are just a front, and nothing more. 

Links to various news stories about the election:

It’s always been thought that the Iranian people are actually quite young, modern and open. They supposedly want to have a relationship with the United States, despite the state-run polls, and they don’t agree with the rules of their Mullahs. The violent clashes that we’re now seeing in Iran are a result of the government not allowing this supposed democratic vote to be at all democratic. With the high turnout they saw yesterday, you want my guess? His opponent, Mousavi, won and won handily. Mousavi supposedly even lost in his home town (yea, right). In the tribal part of the world, that just isn’t plausible!

At least the US government (aka Obama administration) is admitting that the elections are “not credible.”  According to the article, the Obama administration believes “that the regime will look so bad as a result of whipping up Iranian hopes for democracy and then squelching them that the regime may feel compelled to show some conciliatory response to Obama’s gestures of engagement.” Why in the world would people who want to ‘kill the infidelsfeel compelled to show anything other than continuing their charge toward nuclear weapons so that they can obliterate the Big Satan and the Little Satan (the USA and Israel)? Come on, Obama, it’s time to get your head out of the sand and stop thinking that the Iranians are going to break bread with you and suddenly be touched by the Messiah (yes, some sarcasm there — couldn’t help it). Listen to the words of the Iranian government — the only thing they’re going to feel compelled to do is threaten nuclear war, and they’re close to being able to follow through on that threat.

In IsraelNetanyahu wisely is waiting to give his big policy speech until tomorrow so that the elections are done and the winner finalized. One can only assume that the re-election (or re-declaration) of Ahmedinejad will encourage him to continue his conservative stance on Israel’s continuation of settlements in the West Bank, Palestinian statehood, the right of return and other issues in the Middle East. Obama isn’t going to like that one very much. Honestly, though, what other option does Netanyahu have at this point? No one in the world supports Israel (unfortunately, it’s looking like the US government is backing off its support, too), and they have given, have offered the Palestinians statehood (just 6 months ago the former PM offered it again and it was turned down…not by the Israelis!!), and we all remember watching live on TV the Israeli military removing their citizens from their homes by force in the expansion settlements. I do believe there should be a two-state solution, but this requires cooperation from the Palestinian leadership (again, here, the people aren’t the problem — it’s the political leadership). Politically, perhaps it makes more sense for the Palestinians if they don’t have a two-state solution so that they encourage enough hatred of Israel for the extremist view of abolishing it altogether to continue. That’s definitely something to consider — is it possible that the strife is better for the Palestinian leaders so that they don’t lose the two-state solution as a political issue?

The Israelis and the Iranians both have a right of survival. The Israelis have the right to have their own state and live in peace, as do the Palestinians. The Israelis attack to defend themselves, not to begin a war offensively. It’s neighbors and Iran, however, admittedly want to destroy Israel and don’t want her to exist. You can argue that the Israelis took over that land by force, but it just depends on which side of the fence you’re on. When you have millions of Jews being misplaced all over the world and several diasporas, what else are the people to do but ban together to create a Jewish state? Interesting, as well, that Israel allows Muslims, Christians, Jews and other religions to live peacefully within Israel while its neighbors do not.

The elections in Iran are an unfortunate continuation of the old policy of destroying Israel, the United States and the non-Muslim world. Again, this isn’t the people’s doing — it’s the government, and we must make that distinction. This isn’t about Muslim hatred, Iranian hatred, or any other “-ism.” It’s about distinguishing between a government that isn’t supportive of democracy or free speech and its people. It’s about distinguishing between lofty hopes of peace and a state’s ruler constantly giving speeches about destroying the Big and Little Satan while going on 60 Minutes to say he loves the American people and wants to form a relationship with us.  It’s about distinguishing between a people’s hope to just keep the sliver of land they have to protect their people and a political class keeping their people in poverty and war to continue having a political issue to tout. 

We’re all smarter than the rhetoric we hear, and one of these days, hopefully the rest of the world will realize it.

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