The Concept of Low Taxes Just Doesn’t Make Sense to the Libs

Several days ago, I explained that I do not support a city income tax increase, which is being discussed in the City of Powell. On another local blog today, the author attempted to say that I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m paying less than in other cities in Central Ohio.

Yes!!!!! That’s the point! I ask you to consider these questions:

  • Which area(s) of Central Ohio is/are growing the most? Powell is among them. Why? Because people go where there are lower taxes.
  • Why are people leaving Ohio? Because we are one of the highest taxed states.
  • Why are people flocking to states like Florida, South Carolina and others? Because they are among the lowest taxed states. I’ve even talked to financial advisors who advise their wealthy clients to develop their primary residence in a state other than Ohio because the taxes are so high here. I have also spoken to business owners (other than myself, of course) who feel strongly that the business climate in Ohio is horrible for small businesses.
  • Why is NCR pulling out of Dayton to go to Georgia? Because Strickland wouldn’t provide the incentives to keep them here, and Georgia would. What “incentives” are those? Tax incentives!!
  • Why didn’t Honda build its additional plant in Ohio instead of Indiana? Tax incentives!!
  • I have a good friend who owns land in the Rickenbacker area and has been unable to get it developed, despite the fact that a few large (Fortune 500) companies have been interested in his property. Let me restate – a few Fortune 500 companies have been interested in building warehouses and/or factories in Central Ohio. Of course, those companies have built warehouses, but in other states. Why? One of the biggest reasons is that neither Mayor Coleman nor Governor Strickland would provide the tax incentives that the companies needed, despite my friend’s speaking with the appropriate elected officials (all Democrats), and other states would provide those tax incentives. Ohio lost hundreds of jobs just from one of those deals alone.

Those who argue that we should be paying higher taxes in Powell “just because” we pay less than other cities clearly do not understand! You grow an area through encouraging people to come there, and both companies and people go where the taxes are lowest. Current numbers prove that. Anyone who argues to the contrary simply does not understand.


  1. People do not simply choose to live in Powell because of the lower taxes. Morrow County also has low taxes, but there is not a population boom there. Not everyone can afford to live in Powell to enjoy the lower taxes; or would want to live there.

  2. "Johnnytoorotten" is right. People do not just live in Powell because of the taxes. Many people move here because of its close proximity to Columbus (where they may work), the school systems and many other reasons. Morrow County is an entirely different situation where taxes are low, but there is not enough industry to support the county and provide strong enough jobs to make people want to move there (they have other budgetary issues, as well). Powell has a lot of people who have moved to Powell specifically, and chose it specifically. The businesses who come to Powell, however, look at aspects like the tax rates, as well as other things depending on the industry. It is the businesses that I am most concerned about so that we can build the corporate tax base in the City of Powell, helping to reduce the tax burden on the residents.

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