Government Controlling the People

In a speech yesterday, Sarah Palin explains that the government will begin bailing out the states so that it can control the people. Watch the whole video:

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Most agree that GM should not have been bailed out by the government. Many have issues with the bank bailouts as well. In my opinion, if the government were allowing banks to pay back the loans without continuing to add more hoops for them to jump through, then perhaps I would believe the government was really trying to help. However, despite the fact that many banks passed the “stress test” that the federal government applied, the government keeps adding more and more steps that they have to complete to pay back the money! Of course, the government doesn’t want them to pay it back.
In the beginning of all of this, I was willing to give the government the benefit of the doubt, despite the fact that my “political gut” said something different. Now, though, when the government won’t even let the banks return the money so that they can go back to being private companies, I now actually have to agree with Sarah Palin. Until the government shows otherwise, all I’m seeing is that they want control.
Are we going to put up with that as voters? Don’t we have the right in the United States of America to be free – free from government control? This fall in your local elections and next year in the other races, be sure to pay attention to what the person is saying. If they’re talking about “spreading the wealth,” we all know what that means if you didn’t know before. The only way to stop this slide toward government control is for the voters to speak.
So, be sure you “speak” through your vote. Get out there and vote! Let your voice be heard, and talk with your friends and neighbors. We cannot afford to just sit back and watch our government take control of the private sector. We have to work together to stop it, now, so that the American Dream still includes jobs in a private section when our children and grandchildren and searching for jobs.
Make sure you watch Sarah Palin’s video. Even if you don’t like her personally, listen to Mark Levin’s reaction:
On another note, enjoy the weekend!

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