Liberal Blogs: Emotion, Exaggeration and Hyperbole

We’ve probably all noticed this, but isn’t it pretty amazing how the liberal blogs seem to be based on emotion, exaggeration and hyperbole? I would like to find one – just one – liberal-leaning blog that isn’t full of stories where information has been thrown into a blender to make another completely different meal that the liberals eat up on their blog.

I’m all for free speech; otherwise, I couldn’t do this! But, why do people spend time making up things on blogs? What’s the point of that? Of course, usually, it’s because they can’t find any facts to back up their argument (frequently, because the facts they’re looking for don’t exist!). Do they not think that the population is smart enough to figure out for themselves that they have an agenda, and just say whatever they want to say to support that agenda? I’m confident we’re all smart enough for that!
For example, when Obama argues this massive spending that will put this year’s budget $2 trillion in the hole, how does he do it? He uses words and phrases like “unity,” “brother’s keeper,” “caring,” “equal opportunity,” and anecdotes about people he’s met (I hope) who are suffering under the current conditions. He doesn’t provide facts and information to show how having a $2 trillion debt is helping anyone, he just sells it by making it a ‘feel good’ proposition. It’s easiest for them (liberals) to do this when there is a recession like there is now because they can take advantage of the current situation to play on emotions (with their exaggeration and hyperbole!).
There are local blogs and national blogs – we all know which ones they are – that seem to not have an idea what a “fact” is. Those little factoids are actually quite important! When a conservative argues a position, it’s backed up with facts, information and logic. When a liberal argues a position, it’s backed up with emotion and feelings, it is usually mean-spirited in nature, and it’s an attempt to make you feel guilty…and, of course, emotion, exaggeration and hyperbole.
You can see for yourself. Visit to find some conservative blogs, and you’ll see that most of them are backed up by fact. There are some of them that aren’t, yes, but I’m looking at vast majorities here. Visit or to find some examples of liberal blogs. Do your own research and see for yourself.
So, what does all this mean? It’s just something to be aware of. When you hear an argument that is all emotion, exaggeration and hyperbole, remember to stop and look up the facts yourself, and don’t trust the “facts” you were given because it’s very likely that those aren’t even the facts! Even something presented as fact probably isn’t because the libs just can’t help themselves – their emotions get the best of them and then, suddenly, new “facts” are created. On the other hand, when you only hear facts, make sure you’re really thinking through the whole situation. Get a balanced approach, with accurate facts (as opposed to made-up ones), and you’ll never be on the wrong side of the issue.

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